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Help! Exdp renting out house whilst I'm still in it.

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downbutnotout2018 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:24:24

I have split with ex but still having to live together. However he has stated letting out the loft room with Airbnb whilst we are still there. Not only is he keeping all the profits. This is also a massive safeguarding risk. He is inviting strangers into our home without my consent. The children are young and we don't have locks on the doors. I have contacted Airbnb but they are being very apathetic. The house is jointly owned by us as tennants in common.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:30:12

I'd be ringing the police and social services to report him for that - that's vile behaviour. How old are the kids

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:31:54

Seriously every time someone shows up from Airbnb ask them to leave and if they don't leave call the police

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:32:52

And report him to the mortgage company too

GreenTulips Mon 29-Jul-19 17:33:36

Leave a bad review

Dullardmullard Mon 29-Jul-19 17:39:33

Report him to the mortgage company as I’m sure this is illegal

Hoppinggreen Mon 29-Jul-19 17:41:19

Tell Airbnb that if anyone comes you will be asking them to leave
If anyone comes tell them to leave
Contact the mortgage company
Contact HMRC and report him for tax evasion

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:41:38

It's not illegal as such, just not allowed under the mortgage company policy

Winterlife Mon 29-Jul-19 17:46:44

Your insurance has to be updated if a room is being rented. Your area may not permit Airbnb’s. I, too, would contact the mortgage company and definitely would leave bad Airbnb reviews.

downbutnotout2018 Mon 29-Jul-19 17:59:05

I can't leave a review unless I am a guest. He's being a smug self satisfied arse about it. I asked people to leave last time and they walked right past me and stayed anyway. I was fucking livid. The children are just 3 and 7. I've been told it's not a police matter and I'm scarred of the fall out from escalation to the police.

Doyoumind Mon 29-Jul-19 18:02:59

Post in Legal Matters. There must be something that can be done either against your ex or Airbnb.

Missingstreetlife Mon 29-Jul-19 18:08:57

Legal advice, get to court. Prohibited steps?

sunnydays78 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:11:48

I’d definitely contact the police.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:19:55

Who told you it's not a police matter? If there are people in your house and you ask them to leave they have to leave

PancakeAndKeith Mon 29-Jul-19 18:23:13

Have you contacted Air B&B about it?

downbutnotout2018 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:24:48

Pancake yes but they are passing it from team member to team member and doing nothing about it

Ash39 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:30:38

Change the locks asap

IWannaSeeHowItEnds Mon 29-Jul-19 18:31:09

Throw all their shit out of the window. They'll leave soon enough and the review will get him banned from relisting. Ring the police and tell them you have trespassers. Contact the mortgage company and social services and tell them what he is doing.

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:31:33

Change locks throw cleaning products and hoover out out itching powder in the beds and prawns behind the radiators

LittleWing80 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:51:32

Can you find a handyman to remove the door and take it away? 😳

That’s awful, hope you get it resolved asap x

Nickki78 Mon 29-Jul-19 18:58:17

Who’s your landlord? I read that some guy has been fined by £100,000 for renting out his Council flat.

usersouthcoast Mon 29-Jul-19 19:20:23

How is he getting it ready and cleaned between guests!?

Winterlife Mon 29-Jul-19 19:22:33

As you own the property as tenants in common, I assume you both have to agree to a rental.

Can you have a solicitor write a letter to your stbex and Airbnb, advising you don’t agree to a lease of the property and you’ll be seeking damages if it doesn’t stop?

squee123 Mon 29-Jul-19 19:32:04

Get legal advice.

But on a practical note if he gets terrible reviews they won't keep coming back. Play loud music at unsociable hours, stop cleaning the house and leave it a tip (not ideal for the kids, but better some short term disruption than strangers in your house long term). Leave heavily used cotton buds on the sink they're using and scrunched up crusty tissues under the bed. Try to convert guests to a religion and offer to pray for their souls. Basically anything that would freak you out as a guest - do that.

If you're not comfortable with that enlist a friend he hasn't met (or one of their friends or family) to book and leave terrible reviews. If you can rope a few in it will cost a bit as you'll have to reimburse them but cheaper than a prolonged legal battle and at least whilst they're booked in strangers can't be.

I wouldn't report it to the mortgage company without getting legal advice first because you risk them trying to call the loan in.

Winterlife Mon 29-Jul-19 19:32:14

I would also write tax authorities as there will be a presumption you’re splitting the profit. Advise them this is being done without your consent, you are separated but living together, and you receive no proceeds from his rental activities.

I’d keep this thread as proof of my objection.

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