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Buzzknight Fri 12-Jul-19 17:46:40

I would like to know if you think I’m being too sensitive of this situation and am I wrong to be upset or angry or sad about this situation

I have an eye problem called stagnasis on the right eye when it sometimes wobbles or shakes too much. Sometimes it goes too much inwards

Basically what happened was my wedding video was being shown in my mother in law house. And one of my husband cousins noticed my eye

And she said it out loud to everyone that my eye is defective and wobbly in front of my in laws

Then my mother in law bent down and lowered her face in shame and her face got blackened because someone noticed a defect about her daughter in law (me)

Now she is saying that her son chose the wrong woman as his bride and my husband now agrees with his mum

I don’t know how to feel about this and it makes me sad and upset

But I can’t change my eyesight defect because I was born with it and doctors recommend against laser surgery

I don’t know how to get over my sadness

I’m shorter than my husband and he knew everything before my marriage my family was very transparent and we never hide anything from him so why is he picking on me?

But at the same time he picks physical defects in me eg my eye sight and my height

I’m intelligent hard working highly educated up do degree level and I have a high earning job and I can financially support and provide for my family.

Why can’t it be enough?

Why can’t my mother in law be proud of me the fact that I am her daughter in law and chose to marry her son. I loved my husband and my in laws until they got weird with me eg asking about my job, salary and how long I’ve been in the company, etc, because I feel this information is too personal to share.

Lozzerbmc Mon 15-Jul-19 10:22:48

This is awful for you and frankly incredible - so what if you have a condition with your eye! Its the person you are that counts and you should not be judged in this way.

My son is 11 and has a squint so his eye looks the wrong way sometimes. But who cares it matter not.

I think you need a serious chat with your husband...

TeaForTheWin Mon 15-Jul-19 12:34:30

Are you kidding me? What a rotten family and a rotten husband. You are the one who married below yourself.

They are all bullies. Can you move out and go home to your own family? Or get a place of your own seen as you are earning?

You don't have kids right? Brilliant.

Leave this family of monsters or you are going to be miserable forever more. His kind do not change. They lied about who they were before you married them, they are beasts. Beasts don't change.

Get out, run fast, run far and never look back.
Oh and ps: you are good enough. But they will never see it because they are empty. So leave and be good enough for you.

Footle Mon 15-Jul-19 18:23:33

Nystagmus? There are various treatments as you probably know. But why can't these ignorant people accept you as you are? I hope you can get away from them and back to your own successful life.

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