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Separation - what to do?

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Yesbutno Fri 12-Jul-19 15:20:04

DH is depressed.  He has just started AD’s and has also just gone on to a DMP and says he feels incredibly guilty that he hasn’t been able to provide for us the way he should have (he has fucked up financially several times over the years) and that I would be better off without him, he doesn’t feel like he can be in a relationship until he knows for sure what he wants.  He wants to move to his mum’s for a while to get space.
I have (ashamed to say) looked through his phone and can find no evidence of another woman, although who knows? He's still affectionate, clingy sometimes even, says he loves me and is not thinking beyond getting immediate space, but keeps saying we will be better off and he needs to do this – we have teen DCs…he hasn't told them yet.
Of course I love him but I am also incredibly angry that he gets to check out of family life, go and live with his mum who will do everything for him and I will be left with all the house/pet/kid stuff. He seems to think things won’t be any different but we just won’t be living together and wants us to be in regular contact etc.  Part of me thinks no way – if you don’t know if you want me as your wife no way are you getting me as your friend!  He can’t have his cake and eat it!  And if there is someone else waiting in the wings, I’d feel such a fool.  But if he really is in a bad place mentally, I do love him and want him to work it out and come back.  He says he loves me and isn’t even contemplating divorce.
The problem is I read too many threads on here where there is another woman and the “script”, and I want to protect myself emotionally by building a barrier and going NC rather than risk hurt and humiliation.  I have cut off so many people in my life rather than risk getting hurt…so am I doing that here?  He thinks we can still be in contact, he will come over etc, but my instinctive response is he is not not having it all his own way, there is no need for contact (DC’s are old enough to contact him directly) and all that if someone leaves the door ajar, shut it for them stuff!  I am so confused…have I got warped reasoning here?  Should I be more understanding? He is planning on going next weekend…how do I play this? Thanks!

beenwhereyouare Thu 18-Jul-19 01:28:10

Yes, you're so right. While sitting with him in the doctor's office Monday, I was thinking about how many years of ups and downs there had been. So many good times, a long streak of very good, but a number of bad as well.

I would never leave now, but if I had the chance to go back 30 years, I don't know what my decision would be. I took the kids and left once, but he promised if I gave him another chance he'd go for counseling. Which didn't happen for another 10 years. Years later he told me that if I'd stuck to my guns and stayed away he'd have gotten help then. He said he'd have done anything to get his family back.

I don't have real regrets; therapy helped me accept that it was (and is) my choice to stay. And to continue working on things. We do really love one another, but if he stopped taking his meds or seeing his therapist it would be a dealbreaker for me.

your DH has a much better prognosis, thank goodness. And perhaps will decide to talk with someone in addition to taking the anti-depressants. He made the unilateral decision to leave, but you have the right to decide whether or not you let him return. Even if he gets additional help and really works to become the kind of man his family deserves, you can still say no. There's power in believing that. Your limbo won't last forever and while he's taking this time to evaluate, you'll be doing the same. I wonder if he gets that?

And know this; your children will never forget who stayed. 💙

Yesbutno Thu 18-Jul-19 11:38:50

You're very wise and kind!

He got back from his business trip last night and was in a real state...missed his train then got on the wrong one. He's normally very organised so I know his head's not right. Looked like he'd been crying. He's feeling sick about telling the DCs.

Had a good talk about "ground rules" and what we expect of each other. I've decided I'm not going to initiate contact, I'll leave that up to him because then I know he really wants to contact me rather than just responding to me.

Totally agree that this gives me time to decide too and he totally gets that and realises the risk. I've said that I believe he should be going through this with my support and should be being loved and cared for, he said he loves me for saying that but needs to do this alone. He'll be at his mum's but in his room most of the time going to bed at 8pm!

Also interestingly he might have counselling- his work offer phone and online support so might do it!

Another trigger which I didn't realise is it was at the point we're in at our marriage that his dad left him and his mum and he hasn't seen or spoken to him much since. That combined with the DMP, me being peri menopausal (I'm a monster to him once a month) and teens has just built up I think.

beenwhereyouare Sun 04-Aug-19 16:17:34

Hi! I was wondering how things are going. I hope you're okay.

Yesbutno Sun 04-Aug-19 17:29:56

Hi thanks for checking in. I'm not ok - saw him yesterday for the first time in 2 weeks, said he'd realised he wanted me etc etc but then I asked him if he'd seen anyone. Turns out he met up with someone he's been chatting to online last weekend and had sex! He confessed, didn't know why he'd done it, wanted to be honest and felt great relief in telling me angrybut I saw all their messages and she's telling him she loves him and he said it back! Said he didn't know how to get out of the situation hmm. He messaged her in front of me telling her it was over. He's told his mum and I've told the DCs, well they guessed as when he first came over we were getting on fine then it obviously turned! He's been bombarding me with texts saying he'll do whatever it takes, he's found a marriage guidance counsellor and will book it tomorrow. I don't know what to think - I just bloody knew it!! I've told him to leave me alone for now, I'm so angry. Kids and I have been doing fine without him these past 2 weeks so I'll be okay in the long run but right now I feel hurt and angry. What a shit show eh?!

beenwhereyouare Sun 04-Aug-19 18:37:06

I am so sorry. Really sorry. What an assholey thing to do. And to tell you, and then say it gave him great relief from the guilt! WTAF are you supposed to do with that?

This is one of the things I worried about with mine. He would be one of those who don't really leave without knowing there's someone else out there.

This has to be so painful for you. Incredibly so. Deep inside you have strength that will get you through but what a shitty, shitty thing for him to do!

I don't know what to say, other than if you go for counseling, maybe a joint introductory session but then individual counseling for both of you. You need to find the best thing for you and there's no way to get help with that without other people's opinions getting in your head. His mother can't possibly be objective. If you see a therapist you may be better able to handle the rage and the grief. You'll still feel your emtions but it helps so much to have it redirected in a constructive way. A good therapist will usually ask what your goal is. Patients might say they want to get over infidelity, or become strong enough to leave, or any number of things. You sound like you need help deciding what's best for you and then doing it. I think he's ended any obligation you might have felt to help him recover. Now it's about you, and what's best for you.

Again, so very sorry. 😢

Yesbutno Sun 04-Aug-19 21:26:15

Thanks so much. I think he genuinely means what he's saying at the moment but I can't trust him. Was saying stuff to this OW last week! I suppose if he did want to be with her then he would have told me and ended it with me, but he ended it with her instead, only because He wanted to just block her completely and I told him that was a really shitty thing to do to her! It's not her fault she believed him. His default is to run away from problems.

Agree re therapy...I doubt he'll make an appointment anyway it's probably all talk, but I'll look into my own anyway.

Thanks again thanks

toffeeapple123 Sun 04-Aug-19 21:33:18

He sounds like a train wreck. Messing up the finances. Leaving you. Sleeping with another woman. And now he's left her in a cold, cruel way and wants to come back. What else does he have to do to show you he's an untrustworthy, selfish cheat? As you said, you've been doing absolutely fine without him around. Make it stick for you and your children - you all deserve better flowers Otherwise he's just going to continue to drag you down.

Guiltypleasures001 Sun 04-Aug-19 21:42:27

Op I think you have to think of yourself here, you have taken on all of the mental and emotional load, whilst he's pissing around with some other woman.

He certainly had the band width mentally for that didn't he, he's panicking now and thinks unburdening himself to you is all it takes. All he's done is put yet more shit on to your shoulders. Are you sure his mum hasn't said tell her or I will? I also wonder if it was a one off and his depression was really guilt, which means it's been going on for a a while now


Yesbutno Sun 04-Aug-19 22:02:37

I think it was a one off - she lives miles away. I know you're all right of course, it's just hard to accept. His mum will totally be on my side, she keeps saying no matter what happens our relationship won't change - she's a lovely person. She hasn't contacted me today so not sure when or if he has told her! I'll be messaging her in a couple of days to see!

I need to set an example to my DCs. I wish they didn't know but they're late teens and not stupid. They think he's an idiot and don't want anything to do with him, I can't take him back for their sakes.

It just hurts at the moment because I want to believe him but I know it'd be the wrong thing to do to get drawn in. Have to be grey rock!

Slamdunkdafunkay Sun 04-Aug-19 22:38:48

I just read the OP & couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the update. I’m so sorry @Yesbutno that he cheated on you and that he moved in with his mother! My gosh, you’ve been through the mill. Sending you the good vibes from afar. 💙

beenwhereyouare Mon 05-Aug-19 00:21:01

You may be in bed already. I'm pm'ing you tomorrow. Getting my thoughts together first, plus dinner, etc. I'm from the US so I stay a little behind.

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