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Help with divorce paperwork, form D11.

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Rainbow03 Thu 16-May-19 11:14:39

Hi just wondered if anybody could help with my question only I’ve been on the divorce centre helpline for over an hour waiting!

I sent off my D11 form to deem my petition served as husband has had it for about 8 months now. They have sent all 3 copies back with a note saying I need to send off a new help with fees form. I didn’t realise it was one form for each application. I had help with fees for the petition but that say I need to send off another form for this D11 form. Are they expecting me to resend the D11 application form also seeing as tho they sent all 3 copies back?

NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Thu 16-May-19 11:25:48

I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I will say that ringing the court direct and asking them for clarification is very useful. Also, theres a website called wikidivorce that helps you negotiate the mountain of paperwork.

Questionnumber1 Thu 16-May-19 17:01:40

I didn't have to fill in a new help with fees form for each stage but it might be because 8 months has passed?

Rainbow03 Thu 16-May-19 18:52:07

Do you think I can just resend the applications they returned with an emended reference number or should I reprint and fill it out again?

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