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Is a private detective the only way to know for sure?

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50waystoleave Thu 16-May-19 07:27:52

Have been seeing dp for nearly a year. He's met my friends, we've been away together loads, we don't live together. Everything is fine apart from one thing, my spidey senses tell me there is someone else (and I'm not someone with trust issues).

In the last 4 weeks he has rearranged 4 dates all for seemingly honest explanations. First his car broke down, second his mother got admitted to hospital, and the other 2 were equally believable but outing - in all cases impossible for me to check but also perfectly possible they were true. I also never stay over at his place - he's in a flat share and I'm in a house but now I'm wondering if there are other reasons.

I have met most of his friends but it dawned on me last night that I had not met the group of friends that are local to him (he's lived in a lot of different places).

We met on OLD and neither of us are on social media so I have no reference points for him. I am suddenly deeply suspicious and think he's playing me for a fool but I can't think of a way to unearth it and I'm also slightly worried I could be seeing things that aren't there! I have asked him outright if anything is up and he completely denies it. Do I put this to the back of my mind or do something about it?

RRJR Fri 17-May-19 12:06:33

Oh fgs

You’ve been together a year and you’re already on about spying on him and hiring private investigators?! If I felt the need to do this I’d leave the relationship... it’s not normal

Littleduckeggblue Fri 17-May-19 12:09:39

Type his name into Google, see what comes up you'll be amazed at what you can find out by doing your own spying lol

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