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Dating thread 159 - Should I Stay or Should I Go Now

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DaffoDeffo Wed 15-May-19 19:52:47

1. The first rule about the dating thread is don't talk about it with people you're dating.
2. Develop a thick skin.
3. Do not invest emotionally too soon.
4. It's all BS until it actually happens.
5. Trust your gut instinct.
6. People vanishing, lying & being generally weird is not your fault.
7. You are the prize - they should be trying to impress you.
8. If it's not fun, stop.
9. Loo update is mandatory.
10. No dating the thread.
11. Do unto others as you would have them do to you.

And a reminder - you don't know them until you know them!

Link to Info on Dating Websites & Apps

lifegoes Wed 15-May-19 20:45:44

Had the best compliment ever or he's blind can't quite tell...

Someone has just knocked on my door asking about cutting my grass. But asked if my mum was in. I was all "well I hope not, as she doesn't live here 😂 "

vwman Wed 15-May-19 20:50:01

@DaffoDeffo I am a really very funny man IRL with a sharp wit and I have people just cracking up when they meet me I can get people laughing within a few seconds of meeting someone. I often think I should write comedy.

But I think there may be something in what you say. Face to face people can see the smile on my face, I am crap with the use of emojis etc, its a different generation and different communication channel. Sometimes perhaps women don't get me online and think I am being serious. But there isn't any sex talk.

DaffoDeffo Wed 15-May-19 20:53:52

How old are you vwman (roughly if you don't want to say!)

vwman Wed 15-May-19 20:57:56

I am in my 50's

DaffoDeffo Wed 15-May-19 21:01:01

See it as a compliment lifegoes smile

You are not that old vwman! A lot of men your age don't do emojis etc but I wouldn't see that as an issue. Maybe you are trying too hard or just not on the right dating site if the women on there aren't getting you.

vwman Wed 15-May-19 21:06:48

DaffoDeffo my profile was very funny, this was it, you won't see it now of course and I may change it when I go back on, I was hoping it might set the tone of any conversation so they would get me.

I am a business owner, providing services to businesses I am so organised I sometimes wear matching socks. Running a business allows me to exercise my skills: leadership and communication. I would like to tell you about the time I had a shower with Frank Bruno, which is true, but it's important to me that you know I'm honest, so I'll save the wilder parts of my life for another time. Needless to say the paparazzi have been after me ever since.

I love travel but for my holidays last year I threw a dart at a map of the world and decided to go to wherever it landed. I had to have two weeks sitting next to the skirting board.

I love to laugh, tease and have fun. I am a very playful. Like an onion, I have layers you will spend a long time before you know me but I will not make you cry.

lifegoes Wed 15-May-19 21:10:25

Is that what you have on your profile @vwman ??

DaffoDeffo Wed 15-May-19 21:11:14

Do you want us to be honest vwman?

vwman Wed 15-May-19 21:12:27

Go on, I can take it

Notcoolmum Wed 15-May-19 21:13:19

I have thought you were a troll since you joined this thread vwman. Assuming for one minute you are serious I have found some of your posts highly misogynistic and they have made my skin crawl. So I can fully understand why you might get blocked on PoF.

I’ve never been asked if I do anal. What am I doing wrong? 🙈

Ooh lifegoes you must be looking very youthful 👍

lifegoes Wed 15-May-19 21:14:42

@vwman I personally really don't like that, I think it makes you look like an utter prick. Your business and what makes you great, dropping names.

I'd stop at the second line and move on.
But that's just me.

30somethingandsingle Wed 15-May-19 21:15:47

So I think I managed to totally self sabotage and fuck up things with MrFox.
Oh well. Back to sitting in the corner drinking gin being single I guess

lifegoes Wed 15-May-19 21:16:18

Hahaha @Notcoolmum whilst I do always get told I look younger than I am. I absolutely do not look young enough to live with my mother still. However he can cut my grass, as he was quite dashing but small. So I can perv from my window 😂😂😂

DaffoDeffo Wed 15-May-19 21:16:24

Yes I would agree. You are trying way too hard vwman. You lost me at matching socks. And never say anything about wanting to be seen as honest as it immediately screams dishonesty.

ccgirr Wed 15-May-19 21:22:29

Vw - waaay too long for me.
30 something- what’s happened??

vwman Wed 15-May-19 21:22:49

Ok thanks I will tone it down, thanks

@lifegoes I guess I forget my dick belongs in my pants, not my personality

Crustaceans Wed 15-May-19 21:23:44

Oh no. What happened @30somethingandsingle?

Crustaceans Wed 15-May-19 21:24:42

I wonder @vwman, if you might consider trying to convey some kind of humility. I think it might come across better.

SimonJT Wed 15-May-19 21:25:13

@shitwithsugaron I may have suggested he could service ‘it’ himself next time, he knew I was joking obviously.

Now I have to work on my poker face for when I watch it with FWB on Friday night.

StealthNinjaMum Wed 15-May-19 21:28:29

vwman its braggy and not very warm. I write too formally and have changed that because of feedback from here. I like funny men but you don't seem very relaxed.

putastrawunderbaby Wed 15-May-19 21:31:15

Are you okay 30something?

lifegoes Wed 15-May-19 21:32:12

Ha sorry @vwman it's just a bit much for me.

@30somethingandsingle what has happened

SimonJT Wed 15-May-19 21:33:43

@vwman as someone who has English as a second language I found it very hard to tell which bits were serious and which bits weren’t. I have no idea how it would compare to any other online dating profile, but I doubt I would be the only one to find the writing style confusing. I also don’t like the use of the word tease.

30somethingandsingle Wed 15-May-19 21:35:47

He cancelled our plans for tomorrow and rearranged for Saturday.
Instead of saying how I was feeling (I wrote about it on the previous thread) in a phone call or waiting until I see him, I sent a message which more or less said that our communication styles/needs are different, he doesn't give much away and I'm not sure where he sees us going but that I am not sure where I see us heading. He read it but hasn't replied 🤦‍♀️

putastrawunderbaby Wed 15-May-19 21:35:55

vwman I'm never sure how to take your posts and your style reminds me a lot of my son who has autism. While I'm not suggesting you're autistic, I do think you come across as direct and not particularly emotionally aware. You come out with some sweeping generalisations about women. Perhaps written communication is not showing you to your best advantage. I think your profile needs work, to put it mildly.

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