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MIL forgot to cook my dinner!

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NannaNoodleman Sat 20-Apr-19 21:37:34

DH, DS, DD, & I went to PILs' house for the day.

There's a back story and it hasn't been the easiest relationship but we're all making an effort for the children.

Anyway, MIL served up food for the children and as I was helping the kids with their food she served up food for the adults. She served up food for my BIL & his wife, DH's Dad, my DH, and herself.

DH said "what about Nanna" and she laughed and said she'd forgotten but I could have an extra slice of pizza later (for tea - I didn't! ).

Is it possible she could've forgotten my dinner? I usually know how many people I'm catering for.

What passive aggressive message is she trying to send me?

bigchris Sat 20-Apr-19 21:38:50

She sounds an absolute bitch

I'd assume your dh gave you his dinner ?

JohnLapsleyParlabane Sat 20-Apr-19 21:40:07

I'd say that's out and out aggressive, nothing passive about it.

WifOfBif Sat 20-Apr-19 21:40:54

What did your DH do?

Prequelle Sat 20-Apr-19 21:41:42

My DP would have escorted me and the kids out and took us for a takeaway.

This is absolutely appalling. If she had truly forgot she would have been mortified and offered you her own or something

desparate4sleep Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:02

what did you say? if she had genuinely forgotten she would have offered you hers or made smaller portions from everyone elses.

Sakura7 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:06

What a weapon.

You mention a back story so I'm presuming it's not the first time she has behaved badly?

ContessaIsOnADietDammit Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:10

Are you a size that she would consider overweight?

ILiveInSalemsLot Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:28

She didn’t forget.
And what does a slice of pizza later mean? Why couldn’t you eat with everyone else?
She’s horrible.

Samoture Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:52

That's just peculiar. Even if she'd miscounted (which is possible if you were helping the children) surely she would have been mortified and got another serving for you as soon as your DH said anything - her response does make it seem like it was planned. confused

Farmerswifey12 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:42:55

She sounds awful. And even if it was (which it wasn't) a genuine mistake, as host you would be mortified, apologise profusely, and give them your dinner. What did your husband do?

PurpleDaisies Sat 20-Apr-19 21:43:03

What happened next?

Witchofzog Sat 20-Apr-19 21:44:10

She left you out on purpose. I would be horrified if I did this and would be doing my best to find a solution - not saying you can have an extra slice of pizza later. She is behaving horribly.

My mil used to do the same thing and DP would share his with me. But I felt like I was taking scraps and it caused arguments because he could not see his mum was in the wrong. What did your husband say?

Bluntness100 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:44:22

Eh? What? So what happened next? Did they all sit and eat and you watched? Or did someone share?

Sakura7 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:44:30

Are you a size that she would consider overweight?

What the actual fuck? confused

It is not normal to feed all your guests a dinner bar one person, regardless of size. There's no excuse here.

boomboom1234 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:44:37

I don't understand - she didn't dish up for you and didn't even then go and get you some food when it was noticed?!

NannaNoodleman Sat 20-Apr-19 21:44:47

DH offered me his and I declined.

I was quite shocked and dealing with the children so just carried on (classic British attitude).

It's bizarre even for her.

PurpleDaisies Sat 20-Apr-19 21:45:52

So you sat watching everyone else eating, while your husband effectively did nothing and your mil said nothing?

InsertFunnyUsername Sat 20-Apr-19 21:46:27

Yeah she is being a bitch!

If for whatever strange reason i was hosting and forgot someones dinner, they would never even know. I would either dish up myself a smaller portion and swipe some of the others to make a plate, or give them mine and fake not hungry, unless of course i reaaaaaaally didnt like the person grin

Justmuddlingalong Sat 20-Apr-19 21:46:42

Well there's your excuse for never going to hers over mealtimes ever again.

boomboom1234 Sat 20-Apr-19 21:46:50

I'm sorry OP that must have felt really really horrible for you. What a mean unpleasant lady.

Ribbonsonabox Sat 20-Apr-19 21:49:21

How can you forget someones dinner?!? If it's one extra person then you just divide the portions up more so everyone has a bit less... why didnt she try and do that? To me that really looks like shes being a bitch on purpose...

gamerchick Sat 20-Apr-19 21:49:31

Well I wouldnt be going back over there.

Your husband should have got up, halfed his onto another plate and had an extra bit of pizza for tea though.

acomingin Sat 20-Apr-19 21:49:59

Leave now and never return. Your DH should have suggested this. He does not have your back.

NannaNoodleman Sat 20-Apr-19 21:50:15

They don't eat at the table. So I was at the table with the children. Everyone else was in the living room. DH came into me and the children and then noticed.

DH offered and I said no. I then busied myself with the children.

It's tricky. It's not something I actually processed straight away, if that makes sense.

It's so awkward anyway that I focus on the children when I'm there and don't pay much attention to them.

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