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Losing a best friend.......any advice?

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MorocconOil Fri 13-Jul-07 14:48:20

My DS2 who is in reception has a very good friend, who is leaving to go to a different school. DS is gutted and this is the third time a close friend has moved on. I feel so sorry for him. On the other occasions he has brooded for quite a while. He has got other friends, but is really very attached to this little boy who is very lovely. His older brother who is equally lovely, is in the same class as my other DS and will also be leaving

Before I had children I would never have believed how upsetting these situations can be.

TimeForMe Fri 13-Jul-07 14:53:03

Awh bless him this is so sweet!

But I do think you will be feeling far more upset for you rlittle boy than he is actually feeling. I hope that doesn't sound harsh, it's not meant to, but we do tend to 'feel' for our children don't we.

I'm sure your dd will be fine. Is he able to keep in touch with his little friend? Have him over for tea maybe?

Bananaknickers Fri 13-Jul-07 14:55:07

Start inviting other friends over for tea dates now maybe. Bless him that's hard, but he can still keep in touch

MorocconOil Fri 13-Jul-07 15:01:29

They have been to play at our house a few times, but my DSs have never been there. I like their mum but have got the feeling she will just cut all ties with the school when they move.

I do think my DS is genuinely very upset. He told me that his friend was leaving and his teacher verified it this morning when I asked her. It takes him a while to make really good friends with someone and when he does he gets very attached. I suppose it is something we will have to work on, but how, I don't really know.

Wisteria Fri 13-Jul-07 15:04:45

Your poor ds2
Why does it always happen more than once to the same dcs?? So annoying - happened to my dd1 3 times before she was 10. She's very good at writing letters and we made sure that we stayed in contact. Encourage new friendships but also encourage him to keep in touch with the friends that are moving on.

mylittlestar Fri 13-Jul-07 15:05:47

Ah I know it's hard isn't it
I remember this happening to me when I was young and being devastated at the time!

I guess there is nothing you can do to change the situation so you have to focus on the things you can do.
Start helping him build up new friendships? Invite other friends round for tea? Birthday party for his next perhaps? Get him to think of ideas. Then you can meet a selection of other friends from his class. That will give you a starting point for suggesting new friends to invite over... Give him some things to look forward to.

MorocconOil Fri 13-Jul-07 17:24:36

Thanks for the advice everyone.

I saw the boys who are leaving when I went to school. I stopped the older boy and said how we were all really sad he was leaving. He said ' we're not moving house so can we still come and play?' Awwww. I feel even more sad for them as they are leaving all their friends and teachers.

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