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I feel really guilty

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hadabadday Wed 11-Jul-07 10:14:49

I started on a voluntary work placement organised through the job centre in April, it was meant to last up until the end of july but its been a nightmare, nothing for me to do when I get there, half the time the company that organise the placements didnt know what the hell was going on, I was made to sit through a fake interview so that when the inspectors came around I could be chosen to do the interview with them and "know what to say" etc, I've been messed about so much that I've decided to pull out a few weeks early, partly because it is not benefiting me at all, just stressing me out but also because I've got enough to do at home and with the kids with it being the end of term to go and sit in an office doing nothing all day.

Anyway, trouble is the woman I work for is really, really nice...very sweet and warm hearted, never a bad word to say about anyone and I really like her. When I phoned the organiser this morning to tell them i wouldnt be going in anymore she told me she'd spoken to this woman this morning and she really didn't want to see me leave and was quite upset about it and the organiser had to tell her that I couldn't be forced to stay and then the woman on the phone started getting emotional and wished me all the best for my future and said they were all really sorry to see me leave

Is this just standard "goodbye" talk when you leave a work placement? I feel really guilty and am wondering if I've been too harsh...

NoodleStroodle Wed 11-Jul-07 10:17:48

I think you could have helped by letting the woman you work for what is going on - just because you are in the voluntary sector it does not mean that you can treat it differently than paid employment. Speak to her - explain how you feel it is going, why you want to stop turning up etc perhaps she does not realise how capable you are etc

hadabadday Wed 11-Jul-07 10:51:04

she's just phoned me which has made me feel a bit better, I know I shouldve been the one phoning her though.

I have said I will think things over and might continue with the placement.

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