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My exH has married the OW - and I don't care

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RomanticFatigue Sun 24-Mar-19 23:57:51

I'm surprised because I don't feel a thing.

I was broken when I found out he was cheating on me. I threw him out, didn't do the pick me dance and that dented his fragile ego and he threw me to the wolves. I was devastated at what did to me and it's taken a good couple of years to get myself back on track. A big stumbling block was when I found out the OW was pregnant - it sent me straight back to therapy. And I cried a lot when his daughter was born.

So, I've just opened a message from a mutual friend to say they have got married. And I honestly don't feel anything. For him anyway. For me, I feel elated. I'm finally free of him and the past. I just wanted to post this as a mark of the pompoms I'm waving for myself. I got there. Go me.

RomanticFatigue Mon 25-Mar-19 23:31:34

I'd love to be where you are with it all. Every time I see his pic I want to throw up because it causes such a visceral reaction. It's been years and I still can't think about it or I get upset.

flowers LordPickle - I really hope you get here too. Have you had counselling?

PyongyangKipperbang Mon 25-Mar-19 23:47:29

Well she can hardly kick off at him can she? By being complicit in his cheating on you she has told him that she is ok with him cheating on his wife. That she is the wife now makes no difference, she must still be ok with it, right?!

RomanticFatigue Tue 26-Mar-19 00:00:13

Pyong, he told me about it before our divorce went through. He showed his true colours to me during that period as he didn't need to be anything to me. It was awful to find out what he was really like. He doesn't actually give a shit about her, she just fuels his ego. She thinks she is special because he left his wife for her. She's just a blow up doll to him. She's a silly girl and he's a horrible horrible man. And I am the lucky one to be free grin

PyongyangKipperbang Tue 26-Mar-19 00:02:10

I couldnt agree more!

Sad thing is that one day she will grow up and realise just what he stole from her. I dont condone what she did in any way but she sounds like she fell hook line and sinker for the bullshit.

Like you say, silly little girl.

MrsMozartMkII Tue 26-Mar-19 07:31:35

Yay the happy freedom!

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