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My friend and her small world

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Lifesteeth Tue 10-Jul-07 19:44:37

My friend is constantly going on and on about her sister in law, slagging her off, calling her and winding herself up about her. When I see her it starts litrally as soon as we start talking...non stop...she's not interested in anything else, if I change the subject she gives short answers and then reverts back to this sister in law again, she thinks its brilliant when other people call her too and delights in telling me about other people who hate her too but I'm just not interested, it's stupid.

Anyway it's not just that, it's everything...small things are all she seems to occupy her mind with. Yesterday I saw her stood in the school playground and she was fuming, her face was tensed and she was obviously very angry, I thought something terrible must've happened so I asked if she was ok (the way she looked you would've thought she'd just caught her hubby cheating!) and she was practically shaking with anger and said she would tell me when the other parents left. A few minutes later we were alone and she started to tell me what was wrong..."Amy's mum has just told me that Amy is on level 10 reading books and I know full well she has not read level 9 so why the hell has she been able to skip a level when sarah has had to read all of level 9 too???" So basically she was fuming because another girl in the class is now on a higher reading level than her DD. I couldn't believe it, I just said "I thought it was something really serious..." and she said "well doesnt it annoy you?" ???????

How can people get so worked up over such petty things? it's like she has nothing going on in her life.

Thing is she wants to spend quite alot of time together in the summer hols and I'm not sure I can sit listening to such stupid stuff, I can't change the subject because it always reverts back and she wouldn't take it well if I said anything.

Am I in the wrong not wanting to listen to and talk about stuff like this? Would it get on anyone elses nerves?

HedTwigg Tue 10-Jul-07 19:45:52

did you burst her bubble?

Smaug Tue 10-Jul-07 19:46:05

And you're friends with her because...?

Lifesteeth Tue 10-Jul-07 19:49:00

Burst her bubble?

She can be a good friend, it's just conversation that has really gone down hill recently although thinking about it she's always been the same, I think I'm just noticing it more now as we're spending more and more time together.

LoveMyGirls Tue 10-Jul-07 19:51:29

What about a frank discussion on how life should be enjoyed and how getting wound up over little things will make her life shorter? You could buy her the book called "don't sweat the small stuff" if you want to try a subtle hint?

HedTwigg Tue 10-Jul-07 19:56:45

I mean when she said 'doesn't it make you annoyed' did you respond with 'no, why would it. I'm not competitive in that way.'

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