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He's acting different with me all of a sudden

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hadabadday Tue 10-Jul-07 14:27:13

My partner seems very argumentative lately, for instance at weekend he came around and we were just sat watching tv, this was around 10:00pm. Anyway my ds shouted down for me from his room, I choose to ignore this as he went to bed at 7pm and should've been asleep and it was obvious it wasn't urgent.
Anyway DP turns to me and says "you're wanted" and I replied "yeah I know" and continued to watch tv (bare in mind I'd been at work all day and this is my chance to relax which my kids know). So Dp said "well are you going to go up then?" so I said "no, he'll be ok". So he said "why will you not go up?" so I said "I've been at work all day and didn't get chance to sit down until 9pm, now I'm watching tv in peace!" (said in a jokey manner) so he said "well yeah but you're wanted upstairs..." so I replied "I know, I'm not going up ever 5 minutes just because he decides to shout" so he said "it's not every 5 minutes, he's only shouted once..." so getting irritated at this point I said "he'll be ok". so he said "well yes but its not as if he's shouting of you every 5 minutes though is it?"

In the end I just snapped at him to drop it, I wouldn't mind but they're not even his kids so who is he to tell me what to do regarding them? he laughed when I snapped as if he'd done it on purpose to annoy me.

He seems like this all the time lately though, he snaps at me, makes arguments, says things which he knows will annoy me, he just seems "different" I being too sensitive?

TaylorsMummy Tue 10-Jul-07 14:31:16

how long have you been together? do you think he's starting to find your kids an 'issue'?

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