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Mad brother and mad SIL

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nonickers Mon 25-Jun-07 20:33:31

My brother is horrible and for now I really don't want to know him. He has been violent with his family and with my parents. His wife is a liar and lives in a fantasy world. She tells other members of my family about things that simply are not true. My brother has changed since he met her and seems out of touch with reality. I am sad and quite confused that I really want to have nothing to do with him, his hideous wife or his child. It feels pretty bad to be so upset, but I don't think I can take any more abuse from anyone. His wife is also fantastically rude, although at the moment I can hardly claim the higher ground, and she has told my daughter in front of me that I am a bad mum for putting my children to bed when they want to stay up. She tells me this kind of thing every time I see her (thankfully rarely) and her daughters aged 12 and a bit older think it is ok to impart such information too. I so don't want to see them again. The pair of them and her massive brood of dysfunctional children seem to be in a cycle of fantasy, lying and delusion. I wonder if it is me who is mad, but I don't think so having seen my brother and experiencing his wife.

fireflyfairy2 Mon 25-Jun-07 20:35:05

If you don't see them very often then let them get on with how they live, it obviously suits them

nonickers Mon 25-Jun-07 20:46:53

I really don't see them often, but it's like a massive punch in the stomach when I do. I asked my mum about the things SIL said to other family members and mum nearly fell over. SIL says things that sound like ordinary things to do, but they're not true.

hellobello Mon 02-Jul-07 17:54:05

Would you let your children stay with someone you knew to be violent and a woman you knew to be a liar?

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