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Not sure if this should be here or in Health or in Style?

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VeryCuriousOftenConfused Sun 24-Jun-07 15:13:24

DH has asked if you can use veet/immac on his balls

I really haven't a clue

So I thought I'd ask

Can you?

poptot Sun 24-Jun-07 15:14:10

Don't see why not but why would he?

VeryCuriousOftenConfused Sun 24-Jun-07 16:43:02

He cycles a lot - I think they get caught

divastrop Sun 24-Jun-07 17:12:41

yes,apparently(just asked the man)

VeryCuriousOftenConfused Sun 24-Jun-07 18:33:52

Has he tried?

Just want to know for sure

fryalot Sun 24-Jun-07 18:48:16

yes he can. I know this due to an unfortunate incident involving a can of immac, a pair of underpants and a rather raucous stag party.

It worked and there were no reactions to the immac

KbearBrockovich Sun 24-Jun-07 18:49:28

would a trim not suffice? can't believe I am discussing your DH's balls... ha ha

WanderingTrolley Sun 24-Jun-07 18:55:14

I cannot use Immac on his balls. Well, I could, but I'd rather not.

You can.

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