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DH,s letters-update

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jenk1 Fri 22-Jun-07 07:27:34

last night i was playing with dd and looked up and FIL was stood at the window.
i felt panicked cos DH was out but i asked him was he ok and he said no not really and gave me the letter to read (DH told him not to tell me cos im already stressed out enough)anyway then DH came back and FIL starts what the F**K do you think u are doing sending me this?
so DH fired back at him, thats how i feel, thtas how you have made me feel, it became uncomfortable and dd was looking upset so i took her upstairs, there were raised voices and after about 10 mins DH called me down.
things seemed to be calm.
FIL said i want to assure you that i dont have ANYTHING to do with uncle, i DONT visit his house and he doesnt visit mine.
he went on to say that SIL hadnt meant to cause offence and that it was the GP who suggested that her son might have CP, so DH said yes well she thought he had ASD when our DS was dx,d and went and told the consultant that her nephew had it when he,s not biologically related, FIL said he has his own opinion on whats wrong with his grandson and that a lot of it was to do with being ignored/shouted at.
DH said she,s an attention seeker, she WANTS there to be something wrong with her child so she can claim DLA, FIL didnt say anything.
He stayed till nearly 11pm.
DH said he,s glad he did it and it changes nothing and he told FIL exactly what he thinks of his girlfriend, how rude she is to us whenever we have visited, she slams doors and screams and shouts and that we wont be going down there anymore.
DH said he feels a weight off his mind now, that he,s finally said how he feels and that he feels a stronger person for doing it.

Freckle Fri 22-Jun-07 07:40:37

Well done him. It's one thing sending a letter; it's quite another to stand your ground when face to face. You must be proud of him after all that's happened.

jenk1 Fri 22-Jun-07 10:06:27

yes i am extremely proud of him.
he stood up to a man who has bullied him for years and he wasnt afraid.
just waiting for the ranting SIL to get in touch now, mind you she,s another bully who usually hides behind her dad, well she cant this time can she?

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