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sooooo if you were performing a striptease for your partner what music would it be to ?

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cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 18:58:03

I have always wanted to perform a striptease and my partner's eyes lit up when I suggested it so a) any tips and b)what music ?

DrNortherner Sat 16-Jun-07 18:59:29

Doncha wish yer girlfriend was hot like me or lady marmalade

lazyemma Sat 16-Jun-07 19:00:08

the birdie song

WanderingTrolley Sat 16-Jun-07 19:00:53

I've Got A Luvverly Bunch Of Coconuts

choosyfloosy Sat 16-Jun-07 19:01:17

Something he likes - my dh would probably go for Take That followed by Joni Mitchell but I have had at least one boyfriend who would have gone for Whole Lot of Rosie by ACDC. As long as he doesn't leap up for air guitar in the middle, I think they do appreciate the right music.

Father's day is it?? You're lovely

lou33 Sat 16-Jun-07 19:01:20

you can leave your hat on by tom jones

willywonka Sat 16-Jun-07 19:01:33

If you want to go down the dressing up road, "Hit Me Baby One More Time" would suit a schoolgirl look.

cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 19:01:45

well all that made me do wanderingtrolley was pmpl

lou33 Sat 16-Jun-07 19:02:07

if loving you is wrong - faithless

PinkMartini Sat 16-Jun-07 19:02:26

The music from Ocean's 11 when Julia Roberts comes down the stairs. I think it's called Tess by David HOlmes.

gibberish Sat 16-Jun-07 19:03:51

It would be to the tune of an ambulance siren.. dh would die of shock if I EVER did anything like that.

cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 19:04:06

lol gibberish

lou33 Sat 16-Jun-07 19:04:34

smooth by santana, for a more upbeat strip song

WanderingTrolley Sat 16-Jun-07 19:05:47

Nellie the Elephant

(complete with trumpeting and other elephant noises)

RubyRioja Sat 16-Jun-07 19:07:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

willywonka Sat 16-Jun-07 19:09:00

wanderingtrolley - am developing a very twisted idea of your sex life

Sparkler Sat 16-Jun-07 19:09:28

I read this thread to DH and he suggested the Benny Hill Theme Tune.

cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 19:10:04


cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 19:10:56

guess I had better go buy a feather boa and some long gloves hey

gibberish Sat 16-Jun-07 19:12:18

Lou, how many strip songs do you have - or need??

lol Making sure dh NEVER sees this thread.

willywonka Sat 16-Jun-07 19:14:18

Or this outfit for "Toxic" by Britney Spears

cheltenhamgal Sat 16-Jun-07 19:14:25

plus I am concerned I may trip or fall over whilst performing the strip

lou33 Sat 16-Jun-07 19:14:54

lol they are just all good songs to do it to imo

Desiderata Sat 16-Jun-07 19:14:57

Aw, choosy ... I was going to suggest Whole Lot of Rosie!

Well, how about the original stripper song?

Daaaaaa Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da
Da DA Da Da Da
Da (bump bump) DA DA (bump bump)

<fecking exhausted now>

lou33 Sat 16-Jun-07 19:15:10

dont forget you need high heels

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