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I’m worried my relationship will fail.

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Sallyjunior Sat 11-Aug-18 15:52:01

Me and my girlfriend have been going out for 1 year and 2 months. We have recently decided we need space and to stop having sex as often. We would usually meet up nearly every day withing the past 2 months and then we would have sex nearly every time we met up. I was becoming bored and irritated and just wanted my own space a bit. I told her and she agreed to have the space I’m not 100% sure she is happy with it but agreed to do so anyway. So, everytime she tells me about these girls she meets who are also gay, I get crazy jealous and start getting mad but I don’t say anything to her my replies just become less interesting and she kind of notices im mad, I don’t want to get mad about these things because I hope I can trust her not to take things further with them as friends. Me and her have had previous problems in the relationship regarding her ex girlfriend and her ex saying she still had a crush on her, she met her ex without telling me even though I had told her I don’t want her to talk to her ex girlfriend or meet up with her. So now I’m worried she is going to do stuff behind my back without me knowing. I know I’m just being paranoid but when she’s with other people she acts really flirty if they are also gay and they are someone she may have an interest in. I don’t know what to do I feel like it will always be like this and I just can’t take getting jealous over things if it won’t happen and I don’t want to feel jealous or make her not talk to people.

DonkeyPlease Sat 11-Aug-18 15:56:48

She might be a person who needs more time with her partner than you want to or are willing to give.

You've already sensed that she's not happy that you don't want to see her every day - that would imply that she liked seeing you daily and having sex every time. But you don't want to do that. Should she not move on, in that case?

Plus - You've been together a very short time. You should still be in the honeymoon period. And yet you've reduced contact and told her you don't want to have as much sex?

Does this not all sound dead in the water? It's really not meant to be this difficult. I'd think about ending things properly and letting her move on.

loveyoutothemoon Sat 11-Aug-18 18:12:00

She's crying out for your attention-trying to make you jealous. Talk to her. Maybe you're not compatible.

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