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I need to help my daughter!

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HabboBlaker Sat 11-Aug-18 11:09:31

Hi everyone,
My daughter has been talking online with someone for over 3 months now. They spoken on the phone etc but not via video chat.

Something doesn't add up.
He gave her his full name and where he was born - I've checked the birth records nothing.

I think the only way I can prove to her he's not quite right is to find the profile of the person in the pictures - I've tried a reverse image search - nothing

What else can I do???

DerelictWreck Sat 11-Aug-18 11:12:59

How are you checking birth records?

NoTeaNoShadeNoPinkLemonade Sat 11-Aug-18 11:14:15

search his email on Facebook?
how old is your daughter?

GreenMeerkat Sat 11-Aug-18 11:15:49

How old is she?

HabboBlaker Sat 11-Aug-18 11:25:12

You can easily search birth records online with a name and place of birth

She's 18

We don't know his email address, and he states he doesn't have Facebook or Instagram... I know something is wrong but she is completely believing of him and I know she'll be hurt

Aprilshowersinaugust Sat 11-Aug-18 11:28:15

Invite him over, seem to be accepting of her choice, he will likely refuse all rl contact - she will wise up in time.

Queenofthedrivensnow Sat 11-Aug-18 11:30:11

Employment? College?

LadyFlumpalot Sat 11-Aug-18 12:37:44

Where is she chatting to him? Can you report his profile anonymously as being a fake? That way it will (hopefully) get investigated and you won't be implicated?

LadyFlumpalot Sat 11-Aug-18 12:40:14

Or, put his phone number into Facebook or google, see what profiles matched to his phone number appear.

LIZS Sat 11-Aug-18 12:44:40

Unfortunately as long as she is an independent adult there is little you can do. What is setting off your radar and how did they "meet"?

pisces7268 Sat 11-Aug-18 12:48:17

Get her to watch an episode of catfish

GreenMeerkat Sat 11-Aug-18 12:53:17

How did they get chatting if he has no social media?

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