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Anyone knowledgable about CMS? Need advice!

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Yellowflamingos Sat 11-Aug-18 09:16:25

Ex refused to pay for DC voluntarily so I opened a case with CMS. Within two months his declared income (from employer - I chose collect and pay) was 0. He had changed jobs (presumably to avoid paying) the annual review came around which basically said he was earning next to nothing and DC were entitled to literally pennies per month.

My issue is - I now know with certainty he is working. At the time of the annual review I was only 90% sure, did the mandatory reconsideration but didn’t take it further because there was a small amount of doubt in my mind over his work status. The deadline has passed for me to appeal the mandatory reconsideration (declined due to lack of evidence)

So does anyone know what information I need to prove he is working? I’m guessing it must be cash in hand or similar as nothing comes up from HMRC - I think that’s where they get the figures from on the annual review?

He’s doing this completely intentionally and even told me it was pointless phoning them and I wouldn’t get anything.

I know what profession he’s working in - do I need his exact workplace/other evidence? Bit pissed off that the burden of proof seems to lay with me to show he’s working, but really annoyed he’s working full time while not contributing anything to DC. Even the meagre amount he does ‘Have’ to pay, he’s refusing.

Tia flowers

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