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Help me stay strong

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Tobbay Wed 13-Jun-18 18:25:57

Hi I have posted previously about my DP who was nasty to me, my boys, raised his fist, broke off our engagement for his ex and lots more.

Recently I found out he'd been messaging the above ex AGAIN and saying he'd made bad choices and needed to rethink and then changed his password and lied about that and it turned they were having constant messages.
I finally got the strength to end it and told him our marriage was over. He made no contact at all for about 5 days and neither did I and I actually felt free and happy. Then I started getting messages to meet up to talk. I thought it was about divorce but it was to blame me, shout at me, try and kiss me, tell me he still wanted me, ask of I'm seeing someone else... very weird meeting with no real agenda.
I did still really fancy him and we have a strong connection and attraction. He has continued to want to talk and I've seen him 3 times. Each time he's attentive, kind, loving, holds my hand, kisses me and is chatty and funny... all the things I ever wanted.

But he lied for 2 years, hid things and has contacted this ex three times during our marriage. I literally cannot trust him.

But.... I'm wavering as he's being the man I loved. Could it work?
Am I just liking the attention... rather than truly loving him?
Has anyone had experience of a cheating liar turning faithful and truthful?

blueangel1 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:27:22

They don't change, believe me. Once a shit, always a shit. Sorry.

Monday55 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:47:10

Letting him back into your life will only tell him exactly what he can get away with.

cut your losses !

letsdolunch321 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:49:06

A leopard doesn’t change it spots or as a previous poster said once a shit, always a shit.

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