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Self indulgent but what the hell

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VickyMcCluresAccentThough Wed 13-Jun-18 01:13:39

I'm 31, I've had a hell of a time of it. Worst case scenario I'll adopt (passing on my own luck at being adopted by a lovely mummy) and be the mum I've always wanted to be. It all feels so far away... please tell me it will all be ok and that sometimes people never really feel like a grown up - they just love and adore the little people in their lives that it doesn't matter as long as you try your best?

VickyMcCluresAccentThough Wed 13-Jun-18 01:16:17

Just to clarify when I say worst case scenario I meant that in a positive way - as in even if I don't get to be part of the stable family team I crave, I can still be a mummy to a much loved kid. Just like mine was to me!

springydaff Wed 13-Jun-18 01:34:59

Go for it! flowers

hellsbellsmelons Wed 13-Jun-18 12:46:14

So what is best case?
And how are you going about getting that sorted?
What about sperm donor?

No doubt you are very well aware adoption is no easy option.
It's bloody long and drawn out and is emotionally extremely draining with no guarantee after you've been through the process.
You have many years yet.
I went through the whole adoption process at 39-40 and that was the ideal age.
Never happened because my ExH cheated and we split.
But it was really heavy going.

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