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Why is my boyfriends friend lying?

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Liley123 Fri 25-May-18 21:28:06

Two weeks ago me and my boyfriend were drinking with his work friends (he started his new job two months ago) and his friend kept asking me what I do for my job, what sort of music I like and what I do in my spare time. My boyfriend was talking about what me and him do together and his friend, let’s call him bee, started to say “if I was your boyfriend” but got cut off by my boyfriend before he could finish his sentence. All night he was making me laugh and when I left I said by to everyone and when I was half way out the door he said “bye then liley” to which I replied “I said bye to everyone” he said “only to your boyfriend” so I said “bye bee” and he said “thank you, that’s better”. The next day I caught him staring at me through a fence then added him on Facebook the next day which he still hasn’t accepted.

A few days after I told my boyfriend that I caught him looking and he said I was probably other thinking and that he might have just been looking to see who was there. He said bee mentioned that I’d added him and asked him why I had.

I’ve just spoke to bee and he said “sorry I’m not being ignorant, I’ve just seen your friend request” which is obviously a lie. Why would he lie?

niknac1 Fri 25-May-18 21:32:14

I wouldn’t give it a second thought, it’s probably just how he’s phrased it, rather than lying is my take on it.

Liley123 Fri 25-May-18 21:35:06

But he said he hadn’t seen the friend request when a couple of weeks before he had

TheAntiBoop Fri 25-May-18 21:36:11

I'm not sure why you care?

confusedc Fri 25-May-18 21:38:19

Do you fancy him?

Liley123 Fri 25-May-18 21:39:24

He’s good looking but I’d never cheat

confusedc Fri 25-May-18 21:40:33

I may be wrong but seems to me your putting the feelers out. Dangerous game op

Kelsoooo Fri 25-May-18 21:40:37

You're blatantly racking him up on the back burner.

lexi873 Fri 25-May-18 21:40:56

You sound like you’d rather be with the mate

kissthealderman Fri 25-May-18 21:41:13

This is quite odd.

Liley123 Fri 25-May-18 21:41:18

What does putting the feelings out and racking him up on the back burner mean?

AnchorDownDeepBreath Fri 25-May-18 21:41:21

If you're being very honest, why did you add him?

It seems that he may be somewhat uncomfortable; and perhaps thinks you fancy him? So he's mentioned it to your boyfriend; but hasn't accepted your request - and he's lied to you to try and avoid an awkward situation.

Aspieparent Fri 25-May-18 21:41:59

Hmmm something odd about this I think.

Buzzlightyearsbumchin Fri 25-May-18 21:42:50

He knows you fancy him and doesn't feel comfortable with that so doesn't want to encourage you or cross a line by accepting.

confusedc Fri 25-May-18 21:42:50

They both mean your very interested in the other guy and trying to see where you stand. But doing it in a 'I'm miss innocent, only a friend request' way.

DextroDependant Fri 25-May-18 21:43:25

Give the bloke a wide berth you are on dangerous ground.

Blizzardagain Fri 25-May-18 21:43:45

You're overthinking it and you sound like you fancy him.

Kittykat93 Fri 25-May-18 21:44:33

Why did you add him? If you're happy with your boyfriend I suggest backing off from his mate.

FuckPants Fri 25-May-18 21:51:19

Weird thread.

WickedLazy Fri 25-May-18 21:51:48

It sounds like you fancy his mate. But the kind of guy who hits on you, in front of your boyfriend, probably won't be future boyfriend material. Do you want to risk things with your guy, for a fling?

WickedLazy Fri 25-May-18 21:54:39

And he would lie, because he realises you've taken his flirty banter too seriously, thinks you want to cheat on his mate, and he feels awkward now.

category12 Fri 25-May-18 22:00:13

You're totally after him.

franktheskank Fri 25-May-18 22:03:29

He was looking at you through a gate???

HopelesslydevotedtoGu Fri 25-May-18 22:05:08

and his friend, let’s call him bee

Why would you call him bee?!

PrivateDancers Fri 25-May-18 22:08:27

Things I don't understand -

Why did you add him?
Where was he spying on you?
You clearly find him attractive but you're with your bf?
Are you quite young? (don't mean to sound patronising)

Your whole post suggests that you want us to say he likes you.

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