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Feeling positive about the future after DH died

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Chasingsquirrels Fri 25-May-18 16:07:33

Just starting off before we hit 1000 on the last thread...

MrsJonesAndMe Fri 25-May-18 17:24:08

Shiny new thread grin

Glad you're feeling more positive - you deserve it.

My feet are killing me!

84CharingCrossRoad Fri 25-May-18 17:41:20

Checking in....

bookbook Fri 25-May-18 18:27:31

hello, thanks for the new thread Chasing .
It is lovely that you are now feeling positive - life has something to look forward to smile .
Jam is made , but not cordial. Its rhubarb and vanilla , and totally scrumptious. I can post the recipe if you like?

Chasingsquirrels Fri 25-May-18 18:49:47

I can be positive and crying at the same time, right?
I do miss him.

MrsJonesAndMe Fri 25-May-18 19:29:49

Yes of course...

84CharingCrossRoad Fri 25-May-18 20:24:50

Just got in. Took Grandma and Uncle Diggers medication over and then we Facetimed with Wilf.The local surgery brings medication down once a week. I collect for Mum and I and G and D.
Grandma has decided the werewolf scares her so we won't do that any more.
Then a neighbour Richard came and collected my egg stand to put new legs and new weather proofing on it... I sell eggs at my gate for a local business. I took it over from an old man a few years ago when it got too much for him...

bookbook Fri 25-May-18 21:41:14

Chasing - normal I would think smile
I love that you help everyone else - hope you look after yourself too smile

bookbook Fri 25-May-18 21:46:32

^^ that was for 84 - if anyone sees any marbles rolling around, they are mine grin

Willow2017 Fri 25-May-18 22:18:30

Thanks Book found you😀
Yes please that sounds fab. Maybe get some rhubarb tomorrow.

Squirrels course you can.

84 you are always busy too helping others. When do you get time for you?

No blooming milk left when i got back. Nobody thought to go for some so no hot drinks for me tonight or in morning. Grrrr.

bookbook Fri 25-May-18 22:31:24

here you go Willow - the vanilla pods are a tweak expensive, but as I get free rhubarb, I don't worry too much. Really ought to try with essence I suppose, but the little black flecks are nice . So easy ...

Rhubarb and Vanilla Jam

Makes 3 x 1lb jars

1 kg rhubarb , weighed after trimming, cut into 3 cm chunks
1 kg Jam sugar - (or 1 kg caster sugar + 1 x 8gm sachet of pectin)
2 Vanilla pods, halved length wise
Juice of 1 Lemon

Into a large pan, put rhubarb, sugar, and vanilla pods.
Heat gently until the sugar has dissolved.
Then add in the lemon juice , and increase the heat.
Boil for about 10 minutes- and test for setting point (105º )

Willow2017 Fri 25-May-18 23:38:16

Thanks. Will try that.

Chasingsquirrels Sat 26-May-18 07:25:34

Morning everyone.

Lovely night out with my friends last night, so much laughter and joy. Wasn't so impressed with the food, which was a shame as went there a couple of months ago and it was really good.

Walking the dogs with one of them this morning it no other plans for the day.

Might get a couple of new hens this week as 1 died a few weeks ago and had to have another killed this week as she had a prolapse and it was just getting worse and she wasn't well. Never done than before as they have always just died overnight suddenly or slowed down over a couple of days then died. I'm happy with 3 but one if my v old one who isn't really laying this year so really it's only 2. Will have to see.

Horsemad Sat 26-May-18 07:31:39

Morning, thanks for the new thread chasing. I like the title 🙂 it's good you feel this way.

I'm away for the weekend - nightmare journey because of traffic but here now!

Off to the pub to watch a hugely important football game tonight. Can't wait! 😁

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 26-May-18 08:07:19

Morning all DS slept till 7:30! I feel like I have been hit by a bus...quiet day me thinks.

Sorry to hear about the chickens, enjoy tonight wink

84 you are so busy!

Enjoy the football horse

Found a few marbles book grin

Hope you got a brew Willow

Willow2017 Sat 26-May-18 08:29:25

Morning all

Yes sent ds2 up the shop for milk and finally am having a cuppa😀

Swimming then setting up sale stuff, fingers crossed.

Enjoy the footie Horse cant imagine anything worse myself😉

Pity about the hens squirrels hope you find some good layers.

Not sunny here but at least its not raining.

bookbook Sat 26-May-18 08:33:50

Lovely here , but the heating came on this morning shock .
Chasing -funny how restaurants can vary, isn't it. We don't go out nearly as much now, but we do have a couple of favourite places, and just every now and then you wonder what has happened. Chefs night off, or something. -( though I always assume Sunday/Monday for that.)
Horse is it -Liverpool ? ( it seems to be all over the news , thats the only reason I have any idea !) enjoy regardless. smile
Willow - It is the easiest recipe - though I tend to get 4 jars , but as I reuse jam jars, they may not be 1lb I suppose! Ooh, I couldn't manage without my breakfast cup of tea , poor you .
MrsJ - its almost worse isn't it, when you have had a sleep -in ( ha , at 7.30 being a sleep in mind!) enjoy a quiet day smile
Well, we are in the position of having 2 BBQs to go to today - one is just a get together at the allotments from 12 onwards, bring your own food and drink - will pop to that for an hour for a drink and a chat . Then we are at a birthday party for a 3 year old at 2 - its some good young friends of ours who we have known and helped over the years ( honorary 'elders' ) Its their little girl . We will go and enjoy, but probably not stay too long - lots of littlies and a paddling pool ! We are wimps grin .
But first , a stint at the allotment digging , then home, shower and a light brunch before heading back out.
Have a fabulous day everyone

bookbook Sat 26-May-18 08:34:57

Willow - x post - hope you have a really BIG sign ! hope it goes well smile

Chasingsquirrels Sat 26-May-18 09:08:19

Oh I typed a long post and lost it because I tried to add some garden photos. Will I ever learn??

Have a lovely weekend away horse.

Hope the sale goes well Willow, busy day for you.

Nice that ds slept cake but hope you are okay x

Chasingsquirrels Sat 26-May-18 09:09:35

Another full day for you book.

Weather has been a bit rubbish here the last day or so, hoping it improves over the weekend as having a bbq on Monday.

84CharingCrossRoad Sat 26-May-18 09:41:56

Am working 10-2 and 5 till 6.30 today. Tomorrow we have an animal service at church then the same shift at work. Monday is 10 till 11.30 and then 5 till 6.30pm. Tuesday Bumble and I are off to see Wilf on the train. shock

Willow2017 Sat 26-May-18 11:24:10

84 enjoy the day with Wilf.

First customer, yeah, hopefully not the last but not holding my breath😀😀

MrsJonesAndMe Sat 26-May-18 15:33:12

Hope you had some people buying stuff willow

I'm fine, just hips aching after that teeny walk yesterday wink Had a gentle walk, did washing and dishwasher, a bit of gardening and some crochet. Need to go and collect shopping and then just reheating some food for tea. Early night again

book I'm also a wimp and I work with kids grin

Willow2017 Sat 26-May-18 17:13:04

Well that was a waste of time, sold sod all. WIll try again but this time will put up notices where ever I see a space! My living room is half full of stuff now!

Been shopping with kids, both started mithering each other, ds2 coudlnt make up his mind what sweets to get at pick and mix then got the hump cos I went to get duvet cover with ds1 (in same shop) and then to pay and he still wasnt ready! So ds1 ragging on him so both were grumpy getting food shop. Nearly left them behind wink

Looking at waterproof safety hiking boots in outdoorsy shop...£80!!! Apparently there is a website ds2 was told to try at cadets, hope they are cheaper on there!

Willow2017 Sat 26-May-18 17:52:57

Oooer I need a glass of wine! Went on the cadet website and ordered boots and polish and socks....faints.

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