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Have to let it go

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Dualipaisgospel Sun 20-May-18 23:26:26

Met a guy through tinder been dating for around 3 months...but it has to end there is something about him I can’t put my finger on exactly I think he is a bullshitter and has a bit of an ego

When we discuss where we are going a few days later he back tracks

He is still using tinder but denies denies denies...his instagram tells me different

The dates have dried up and it’s more nights in

He is dry for days then full on then dry etc etc

I think he just loves having sex with me

He is full of empty promises

I need to read back through these and not contact him again thanks for listening/readying to this ramble

AjasLipstick Mon 21-May-18 03:07:16

There you go. You've come to the correct conclusion yourself.

He's not interested in a relationship and just wants a regular shag. Ghost the fool.

Monty27 Mon 21-May-18 03:12:25

Don't know why you are asking. It's rhetorical is it not OP.
You are one of his booty calls.

Dualipaisgospel Mon 21-May-18 08:11:14

We see each other mostly when we are free but he told me
Last week tinder was deleted he was focusing on us that lasted for about a week and then he’s went ‘offish’ again. When I asked him he said he wasn’t being off but an example last mon tues wed phone calls and texts....then fri sat and sun he replied to my texts but made no attempt to ask me anything to keep a convo going. Has talked about possibly bringing me to a wedding in the summer and about booking tickets for a concert in October so I feel conflicted in what he’s feeling

AjasLipstick Mon 21-May-18 08:13:40

I have to be honest here. Tinder aside, I would find it very cloying if someone expected daily phone calls and texts in such a new ANY relationship.

Do you feel you need that contact to feel certain they really like you?

Dualipaisgospel Mon 21-May-18 08:17:55

No no I’m just going by how our communication has been from the beginning...

We agreed last week that we would be seeing each other instigated by him when I told him tinder was a deal breaker for me.

Then Thursday he said to me ‘I thought we were just seeing how things go’ I told him to me that’s not the same as seeing each other. He back tracks a lot on what he says

TheBogWitchIsBack Mon 21-May-18 08:28:36

He's not that into you. Drop kick this one.

littleneepo Mon 21-May-18 08:33:25

if he messages lots when he’s free and then goes quiet on Work days than it could be explained.
It sounds like he’s not really sure what he wants and that’s really frustrating. Time to cut losses I think!

Dualipaisgospel Mon 21-May-18 10:09:22

He says all the right things when we are together on on the lead up to seeing each other but when we spend a few days in a row together he just clams up after

Just gonna lay off on contact ugh 😑

squishy Mon 21-May-18 10:20:30

Get out while you can, while it's still 'easy' enough, there are plenty of decent people out there!

TheBogWitchIsBack Mon 21-May-18 11:14:16

You need to stop focusing on the words coming out of his face hole and start focusing on his actions.

Dualipaisgospel Mon 21-May-18 13:47:14

Thanks ladies

So far I have had a messaage from him saying how I am good for him trying to ignore it

squishy Mon 21-May-18 14:00:40

He's trying to bait you into responding. I'd block him if I was you

TheBogWitchIsBack Mon 21-May-18 14:17:07

You see it's in his interest to be nice to you before spending a few days having sex...after he's got what he wants his interest will wane until he decided he wants sex again. That's why you're seeing the spikes and dips in attention and contact.

Someone who's genuinely into you is consistent.

Tenshidarkangel Mon 21-May-18 15:39:57


meowimacat Mon 21-May-18 16:17:07

The limbo song ^

I recently blocked a guy from Tinder who was exactly this. They just use you. It’s SO common, but I feel a fool, I had no idea.

Google the traits of an emotionally unavailable man.

You are feeding his ego every time you go back. I’ve been no contact a month and he hasn’t even chased me, yet words sometimes he’d tell me I was the best thing that had ever happened to him blah blah blah. I wasted 5 months of my life. He’d back track too. Don’t waste your time on these losers x

Strawberriesandmelons Mon 21-May-18 18:19:21

Ha ha! Limbo YouTube clip hilarious

wellhonestly Mon 21-May-18 18:31:13

Love the Limbo clip!!!

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