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MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 19:00:21

The kids told me a while ago that their Dad had been on a few dates and had registered with dating sites.

I hadn’t thought about dating again but it made me think so I googled, came across match U.K. registered and left a few details.

I have had a good look around and my ex is on there under a different name. I am not bothered about that but the only sodding site I look at and register with and he will get to see it. He may already suspect I am there but I do not want to put a photo on my profile.

He has always judged me and sneered at me so I don’t want to give him ammunition.

I have had a few winks and a message - which I can’t open as I haven’t subscribed.

Is match worth it?
Has anyone else used it?

Interested in seeing what the message is?

Masterbuilders Thu 26-Apr-18 19:09:16

I met my husband on Match 12 years ago.

NotTheFordType Thu 26-Apr-18 19:14:15

I hadn’t thought about dating again but it made me think so I googled, came across match U.K. registered and left a few details.

So what happened after you came to your senses and realised you're not ready to date again?

FailingTheBoyfriendExam Thu 26-Apr-18 19:16:16

POF is the same kind of thing and is free, so you could try that. Although one person on here repeatedly states that it's full of violent rapists and murderers.

summeryet Thu 26-Apr-18 19:20:42

I met my husband on

Have always felt that only the more committed pay for dating sites, but that's just my view.

Good luck!

Joy69 Thu 26-Apr-18 19:23:01

I keep toying with the idea of Match. I'm the same as you, registered & not sign up properly. I have signed up for Bumble, but first date in I'm chickening out ( post is n here somewhere). I'll be watching your post with interest.

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 19:25:53

Not I know i’m Not ready to date but I am now curious about the email - not £60’s worth of curious.

failing I feel he’ll be on every site anyway lol.

I would like to meet someone but worried as divorce not finalised/ put weight on/ I have the hairiest legs/ I have kids who are my priority

FailingTheBoyfriendExam Thu 26-Apr-18 19:30:01

Any guy worth dating should understand that your kids will always be your priority. I'm not a girl, but even I know there are multiple solutions to hairy legs.

If you're not ready, wait until you are - but try not to worry about stuff like that. The world - and dating sites - are not full of supermodels and we all have our faults (and inevitably we think they're worse than they are)

HKW81 Thu 26-Apr-18 19:30:01

You can block people on match - if you know his profile then block him and he won't know any different I don't think? Get in there quick!

Afterthestorm Thu 26-Apr-18 19:30:09

I met my lovely chap on Pof. We were both also on Match at the same time but never came across each other at all (ie didn’t match!) so it’s just as well we also used Pof.

SparklingSnowdrops Thu 26-Apr-18 19:34:13

I met DH on Match almost 12 years ago. Best money I ever spent!

wobblebot Thu 26-Apr-18 19:39:38

I met my husband on POF, you just have to be a little more selective and if he looks too good to be true then ignore smile

Mangopr1 Thu 26-Apr-18 19:42:03

I met my partner on POF. You have to wade through some loons but I'm so glad I got on it smile

Onlyhavetwohands Thu 26-Apr-18 19:42:29

You will find the same men on many of the sites anyway so I wouldn’t personally bother paying.

Match is difficult without a photo anyway as is pof but more so with match I found as with pof you can have private images you only share with people you are chatting to.

NC4Now Thu 26-Apr-18 19:47:59

You need a photo on a dating site really. If you don’t want to run into your ex, maybe try a different site.
I met my husband on Zoosk. We’re separating now, ten years later, but it was still worth the £20.
I agree that a subscription fee weeds out (some of) the chancers and cheats from those people genuinely looking for a relationship.

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 19:50:55

Thanks everyone

Hairy legs arn’t Too much of a problem really lol. I think it’s the lack of confidence and the weight gain that are the real issues.

I would rather just send a photo to someone I was chatting to and wanted to meet not have it on the main site.

I checked you can block or ignore on match but they can still see your profile.

I looked on POF there are 3 sections - younger, older (silver fish), just for fun. I think he will be on the 3rd section so may join and hope not to see him plus fake name would probably be a good idea too.

Thanks again x

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 20:00:09

Ok registered for POF 2 messages already - 1 asking if I wanted to chat! Is it always this fast? The other just introducing himself and saying Hi.

I haven’t dated or even flirted with a bloke for 15+ years feel very nieve.

Afterthestorm Thu 26-Apr-18 20:40:58

Just relax and enjoy it, there’s some really nice people on there. Don’t feel bad about ignoring those you don’t like the look of. Only agree to meet up if you really want to.

BleakBetty Thu 26-Apr-18 20:48:41

Yeah OP, you will get a LOT of messages - be prepared!

And with regards to the PP mentioning that someone always states POF is full of violent rapists and murderers, I’m not that poster (never mentioned POF on MN before!) but I do actually have a friend who went on a POF date, went home with him, didn’t see him again and a few months on he appeared in the news as a murderer. Not trying to scaremonger, I’m sure these men are few and far between, but always be careful!

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 20:58:11

Thanks After that’s good advice.

Jeez Bleak your living up to your name lol. I suppose it’s the chance you take you never know who you will meet at any given time in any situation. Ian Huntley doesn’t look like a murderer but what a bstd Ian guessing the people he worked and socialised with would never have seen it coming. It sounds as though your friend had a lucky escape.

Eryri1981 Thu 26-Apr-18 21:07:27

I met my DH on 4 years ago, we now have a 3 month DD.

8 years ago I briefly dated a guy via who I am still friends with, and through him I met my now best friend, who was a witness at my wedding, the first person after DH who I told about my pregnancy and the first person to visit DD.

I think I got my moneys worth out of smile

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 22:24:28

Lol Eryri that’s lovely. It really is nice to hear stories like yours and Masterbuilder and Summeryet

Joy69 I am feeling chicken at th3 sign up I would be useless on an actual date lol. Please go I am sure you will have a great time.

From one 🐔 to another 🐓 (KFC for a first date might be the place to go lol).

Please post the clicks link to your thread so I can see if you do actually make that huge first step. You never know he might be ‘the one’ lots of luck x

MrsChumleyWarner Thu 26-Apr-18 22:25:20

*clicky link

Changedname3456 Fri 27-Apr-18 00:29:15

The email on Match could say something completely lame - like “hi” - and you’d kick yourself for wasting the cash!

I used both POF and Match and didn’t really see any difference between the two. I recognised many of the same women on both sites and you had just as many time wasters on Match as POF but with the disadvantage of having paid to be messed around!

adayatthebeach Fri 27-Apr-18 00:44:33

I’ve been on POF and got messages before I completed putting up my profile pic and also got messages where I could see they didn’t even look at my profile. Always wondered about that. Seemed odd. confused

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