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Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 12:32:30

Hi Ladies

Hope you don't mind, ive started this thread to save hijacking the thread of others.

I thought we could use it to attract attention of the other members if needed or whatever

lovemybed Wed 09-May-07 13:23:20

i have tried to put myself on the msn thing a few times but cant do it

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 13:24:49

Awh Lovemybed. Why? Whats wrong, what happens?

lovemybed Wed 09-May-07 13:28:46

remember it was me who had all the problems with the long thread it took ages for me to load (but gave everyone else a giggle) i have tried loaded the thread with the link on a few times (takes about 20 mins!!!!) but when i click on the link its just a blank screen. i am such a doughnut with this computer the only thing i can do well on it is shop haha

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 13:34:27

I wonder if it is still loading then when the you have the blank screen. have you tried jst leaving it for 5 mins or so to see if it appears.

Other than that if you put MSN in your search engine, click on it and see if you can get MSN that way. Maybe you have to download it? It's worth a try anyway, you will love the photo's

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 13:40:45

Lovemybed try this

put in your top bar thingy and that will bring up MSN. Then in MSN search put in groups. That will bring up another window. Click on MSN groups, to the top left and that will take you to the groups home page. You should be able to join from there I think. Hope it works x

ginnedupmummy Wed 09-May-07 13:40:48

Message withdrawn

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 13:50:16

No ginnedup, we don't, I'm not sure if I will be able to make it either but ive joined and so has Cashncarry. We have posted photo's and left a few messages. It's lovely

lovemybed Wed 09-May-07 16:37:30

iohw i already have msn so i will try and join through the groups later, have to go drop of my kiddies now and head to college

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 16:40:03

ok lovemybed, good luck with it

October Wed 09-May-07 16:46:06

Message withdrawn

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 16:58:29

Lets just say that I have health problems of a nature that make life a bit unpredictable

Forgive me for not going into detail but I don't want to bring attention to it if thats ok (IYSWIM)

But no, I'm not doubly incontinent

October Wed 09-May-07 17:00:48

Message withdrawn

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 17:01:20

I wish it were that simple

October Wed 09-May-07 17:04:57

Message withdrawn

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 17:06:17

Oh yes! Like you do you mean!

mylittlestar Wed 09-May-07 17:28:59


(good thread idea iohw)

I think everyone who has helped in all of our stories and taken the time to give advice and help will be more than welcome in the Group, and on the meet-up

I know, due to personal circumstances, it may be difficult for some of you to meet up - but I really really hope that everyone will do their best and come if you can. Please.

I have to thank you all in person! And I'm saving for the kitty already as the first drink is on me!!!

mylittlestar Wed 09-May-07 17:29:36

lovemybed hope you manage to get on - we're waiting to meet you!

Ifonlyhewould Wed 09-May-07 18:06:49

Well it had better be a big kitty MLS. Ive heard that Paddlechick can't half sink em!

Ive got to go now. I'm treating DP to a nice bit of lamb for his tea. He will realises then that I'm showing signs of being pleased with his efforts. He has been demoted to ready meals for that last 2 weeks! ping! ping!
But.... he never complained once!

'See' all you girls tomorrow. Bright and happy no matter what please!! xx

melminx Thu 10-May-07 13:15:28

hello im a bit slow on finding new threads. Is meet still 1st /2nd week august? Asw e just got dates for our ds operation and its july. But i fully intend to be at meet im near dartford and im driving so if anyone wants picking up on the way just say! And no im not big hairy trucker and will be putting my pic on later to prove it!

mylittlestar Thu 10-May-07 13:19:19

paddlechick help!!!

every time i try to post a message today on msn it just says 'can't find that page' and wipes out my message

what i was trying to say is that i can't make 4th aug as it's my friends wedding. but the second weekend, friday 10th or sat 11th august is absolutely fine with me

also said that Birmingham is great, but if there are more people from the south, and having a london meet up means more people can make it, then i would be happy to travel.... just a thought

now why won't the bloddy thing let me type any messages in!!!

ginnedupmummy Thu 10-May-07 13:49:01

Message withdrawn

mylittlestar Thu 10-May-07 13:54:36

Ah it's a relief to know it's not just me! Perhaps it's just a temporary fault then, I'll try again later. Thank you!

And your dc are gorgeous too - love the sunglasses!!

ginnedupmummy Thu 10-May-07 14:07:23

Message withdrawn

Ifonlyhewould Thu 10-May-07 20:07:30

MSN up and running now ladies

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