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The Fabulous Crown wearing cafe. No contact thread part 9...

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seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:01:46

Hello ladies for anyone attempting, going through or wanted to try No Contact. We don't judge on here... Just lots of lovely support and advice... Come join us

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:04:03

First time I ever started a thread... And thinking how far we have come since our very first...

Belonger Mon 12-Mar-18 21:04:26

Hi! Thanks seshi. Crown in place, jukebox revved up, yoga warriors ready to go, wine chilled!

gingergenius Mon 12-Mar-18 21:04:30

Hey seshi!

ThePartingLass Mon 12-Mar-18 21:04:33

Thank you Seshi for starting the new thread. And yay, the cafe, I'm in!

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:05:43

We are going to beat this shit ladies.... Warriors in the making....!!

Belonger Mon 12-Mar-18 21:07:33

Am popping Just like a Pill by Pink on the jukebox

Teensandfuture Mon 12-Mar-18 21:09:14

Phew ! Found you all, was panicking for a minute, this thread is a lifeline!
What is to report for today?
Was back to work after week off, the most stressful week in ages, back to the deep end at work and actually sorted washing tonight.
Guess I'm getting back to normal, which is great.

No sign of NC at all but I guess im at the final "hope lost " stage..

Belonger Mon 12-Mar-18 21:10:08

My new motto is 'sod him and his trousers'

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:12:25

@belonger love that song!

Bloodyuselessatthinkingofaname Mon 12-Mar-18 21:12:54

Reporting for duty . Thanks seshi

NK1cf53daaX127805d4fd5 Mon 12-Mar-18 21:14:24

Thanks Seshi

Belonger Mon 12-Mar-18 21:14:32

No overwatered dead plants in this cafe!

MrsGryllsTheSecond Mon 12-Mar-18 21:15:43

Checking in. Loving the cafe with crown trying on area, warrior yoga classes, kick ass combat training and may I suggest some awesome cocktails be added to the menu winebrewcakeglitterballginflowers

gingergenius Mon 12-Mar-18 21:15:46

Yes! Sod him him and his stupid trousers.

Basseting Mon 12-Mar-18 21:18:29

Thanks, Seshi
Remember not to fall down any sidewalk holes when looking for cafe!
checking in.
Day 1 (again).
I'll have a nice cup of earl grey.
Passes victoria sandwich cake.

Oldbrook Mon 12-Mar-18 21:19:33

I’ll come to the cafe as I just pulled out of my lunch!

Hard decision but the right decision.

And belonger told me too which helped grin

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:22:32

@oldbrook pull up a chair..
It was the bed decision..
Proving just how much stronger you are getting..

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:23:45

*bed...!! Sorry meant best confused,.... Just got into bed though... Cup of tea and the cat! Rock and roll grin

Oldbrook Mon 12-Mar-18 21:24:41

What swung it was seeing him on the other side of the road earlier. I don’t think he saw me but was walking hunched over rather than upright like something was wrong and concern flooded my body which reminded me I need more time.

Now I send the tickets in the internal mail and strut strut strut down the other road

seshi Mon 12-Mar-18 21:26:14

It's weird this thread has become such an essential part of my life now...
It really does help to fill... (or nearly fill) a huge gap that NC left.... Thank you.

Belonger Mon 12-Mar-18 21:27:36

Awesome oldbrook. I know it's hard and a shame to miss your lunch but you have come sooooooo far, it would be such a shame for a lunch to set you back again. Pull up a chair and have free run of the jukebox

gingergenius Mon 12-Mar-18 21:28:41

Get that cappuccino machine going, I've shredded his trousers and I need somewhere to hide!!!

Bloodyuselessatthinkingofaname Mon 12-Mar-18 21:28:47

oldbrook I think you made the right decision about the lunch !

Oldbrook Mon 12-Mar-18 21:31:34

Can I request ‘these boots are made for walking’ as my first song?

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