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Still supporting after DH died ( Juan et al)

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bookbook Tue 06-Mar-18 12:47:19

Realised I was the one nearest the end of the thread , thought I'd better get one up and running

previous thread HERE

bookbook Tue 06-Mar-18 12:49:06

Hope you find this !

Willow2017 Tue 06-Mar-18 13:04:58

Found you, thanks Book you should have named the thread 'Book's Corner* grin

Willow2017 Tue 06-Mar-18 13:06:18

Jane the air was blue I can tell you, my life is a comedy of errors, Shakespear would be proud grin

SelenaValentina Tue 06-Mar-18 14:44:59

Well done and thank you, book!
Hi Jane.

Chasingsquirrels Tue 06-Mar-18 15:32:18

Just placemarking, thanks book, need yo go back and catch up ...

JaneJeffer Tue 06-Mar-18 15:43:07

Thanks Book I didn't realise I was posting so perilously close to the end of the thread grin

Hi Selena

I also need to go back and read the other thread squirrels so much to catch up on.

Horsemad Tue 06-Mar-18 17:44:29

Hello Y'All wink

Just reading back - that sounds a bit scary Willow shock Something similar happened to me last week on snow, complete whiteout, a lorry going in the opposite direction splashed a load of slushy snow on my windscreen, wash wipe was frozen and just smeared it across the screen... and a load of traffic behind me! Nightmare!

I survived at work, feel knackered but have to go out in an hour.

MrsJonesAndMe Tue 06-Mar-18 18:28:55

Ah, this is where you're hiding grin

Horse, where are you off to now other than bed?
book you sound so busy!
That sounds very scary Willow hope it all calms down now!

It's lovey to see you Jane Sorry to hear you've been unwell.

Hope you're feeling better Squirrels

Only 6 miles Selena hmm I think it's the right decision to drop some hours there too.

I was out from 9:30 to 4pm which is completely unheard of...but baby didn't cry apart from mum dropping off. Did mean coming in and having to put washing up/sort tea/hoover and spellings for DS too! Not much else to report here. Stories and bed time soon and then it's me and the crochet hook.

Chasingsquirrels Tue 06-Mar-18 18:42:16

Hi Jane, sorry to hear things keep going wrong x

ekk Willow, sounds scary. Very annoying with ds1's computer monitor as well.

Busy day cake, have a relaxing evening.

Selena, sounds like the right decision.

Went to work today, still washed out but not ill anymore. So much to do, February is usually my catch up month but I don't think I have.

Just dropped boys at joggers then went to coop in next village for milk - and none available due to bad weather, it was 12c here today. V annoying as joggers is in Newmarket and I could have gone to Tesco or Adsa but decided to just go to the Coop on the way back instead.

84CharingCrossRoad Tue 06-Mar-18 19:32:53

Hi all. Got lots of extra hours at work this week. Went to Aldi with Mum this afternoon but haven't done much else other than work.

MrsJonesAndMe Tue 06-Mar-18 19:45:38

Asda only had red milk which is ludicrous as we had hardly any snow! Also hardly any fruit!

Have a restful evening 84, guess it keeps you out of trouble wink

bookbook Tue 06-Mar-18 22:25:32

Evening all
Just put down my crochet .
Glad you found me ( but hardly my corner Willow !)
Horse - you must be worn out after the early start
still no milk MrsJ and Chasing shock we haven't had any problem here at all ..
I have just been doing a bit of crafting for the WH sale , wanted to get finished to send off with other stuff I am posting off.
Tomorrow, off early to look after DGS - he is fine now, so more bored than anything else it seems . Will have to go and play football in the garden I think.
Have a good day tomorrow
Night, sleep tight everyone

Willow2017 Wed 07-Mar-18 08:17:18

Morning all.
Sun is actually out!
Yesterday was like pea soup, not great going to work couldnt see 3 car lengths in front of you. Work quiet enough so actually quite relaxed for a change.

Book just teasing you as you started the new thread so you should get to name it smile

Apparently have a parents evening re careers choices for ds1 tonight!

Horsemad Wed 07-Mar-18 11:40:18

Just popping in quickly 😁 had a good sleep last night, was out with friends *Cake. Think it did me good as I feel totally refreshed today.

I am currently painting a door (hate doing bloody doors but they have somehow ended up been the bit of DIY that I do hmm)

Back later - hope all ok cakebrewwink

Horsemad Wed 07-Mar-18 11:41:03

being, not been grrr.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 07-Mar-18 16:56:46

Hi all, quick post from me! Another absolutely hectic day. Bum just touched the sofa while tea cools for the smalls.

Glad you're feeling better horse and hope that you got the door sorted.
I had a huuuuge chocolate twist brioche thing and hot choc this morning! blush

hope DGS was ok today book

Good luck Willow!

Hope you're feeling better Squirrel

What have you sorted today Selena??? wink

SelenaValentina Wed 07-Mar-18 17:04:53

Lovely day today, DH used to call them 'Gift Days'. Did spinning, met friend for coffee, ex client wanted a chat session so I called into Lidl on my way - and they were just topping up the cinnamon buns, so had to get one blush! Apparently local Sainsbury's have loads of empty cold food shelves due to 'adverse' weather, yet no problems with any of the other supermarkets.

Hope everyone's having a good day - Horse, painting and I really don't mix, so I'm impressed, door or not. I once got more over me than there could have been in the sample pot!
Hope parents' evening goes well, Willow.

SelenaValentina Wed 07-Mar-18 17:10:15

Your post got by me, Jones. There's a charity bag collection tomorrow (and my cleaner day smile) which spurred me on to sort 3 more bags = Charity and rubbish bag full and out ready to go, one shelf filled. Getting there, wherever there might be grin.

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 07-Mar-18 18:38:22

Well done!

There are no click and collect slots or home delivery slots for Tesco tomorrow - it's 6 days since we had snow tomorrow! hmm

Means I will have to brave the shop with a list angry

I have eaten my body weight in sugar if that makes you feel better - I'm blaming germs and hormones and sheer exhaustion

84CharingCrossRoad Wed 07-Mar-18 18:56:46

Not a good day today..
Wilf messaged me to tell me he had found one of his guinea pigs dead.... sad

MrsJonesAndMe Wed 07-Mar-18 19:52:00

Oh no Lottie. I've discovered one and it was upsetting. Poor Wilf. Do you want to talk? (((hug)))

SelenaValentina Wed 07-Mar-18 19:56:02

Oh poor Wilf. Poor you, 84.

84CharingCrossRoad Wed 07-Mar-18 20:42:35

Wilf doesn't live with me. I've been supporting from a distance......

bookbook Wed 07-Mar-18 22:37:28

Evening all
Just a quick pop in
sorry to hear it's been a bad day 84 - it must be so hard to support Wilf.
Had a lovely but long day with DGS - he is doing well, barely poorly, apart from the odd scratching . Am played out ...
Night all

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