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Survived Abusive Relationship. So Why do I feel so Incapable?

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GirlInASwirl Mon 19-Feb-18 04:52:00

Decided to come out of verbally abusive relationship recently. My ex and I are still under the same roof until my finances improve. I have so many plans to make to ensure my son and I get a better deal. I am grieving the relationship (how crap is that when it's been 8 hard years) but I have to simultaneously put practical measures in place to move out. I am so tired with the emotional roller coaster. I have been used to being professional and independent before- why am I finding the simplest of things such an upheaval right now. I feel like I've lost my strength.

springydaff Mon 19-Feb-18 05:58:56

You're grieving, you're in shock and you're traumatised, that's why.

Go easy and take great care of yourself. You will get there in the end, be patient with how you are now flowers

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