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How does your DH speak to you?

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fone Wed 02-May-07 14:48:16

Put yourself in this scenario:

Hubby is out of the room so you decide to relax and lie on the sofa with your legs up...5 minutes later he comes back in, walks over to the couch and says:

a) excuse me...
b) move your legs please or
c) budge

which is most likely from your DH?

Also, if he was laid across the couch and you walked over blatently wanting to sit down would he:

a) stay where he was until you asked him directly to move or
b) move straight away?

jalopy Wed 02-May-07 14:49:12


compo Wed 02-May-07 14:49:18

sometimes we are polite to each other an dosmetimes it is just 'shove over'

Smaug Wed 02-May-07 14:49:30

(a) but I would already have moved my legs (polite, me!)


(b) (polite, him!)

BibiThree Wed 02-May-07 14:49:30

Probably "budge" but said in a teasing way, never nastily.

littlelapin Wed 02-May-07 14:50:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tutter Wed 02-May-07 14:50:36

the secret to a happy marriage is separate sofas

PeterAndreFanCLub Wed 02-May-07 14:51:08

was juts htinking that
mine is very polite thpugh to me and the kdis
really annoying

fone Wed 02-May-07 14:51:42

He says "budge", half the time I can't work out whether he is being bossy/impolite or if its just the way he speaks.

PinkTulips Wed 02-May-07 14:52:31

c and a

lucykate Wed 02-May-07 14:54:17

he would ask me to move my legs so he could sit down, but them let me put them back up on his knee.

and if he was laying on the sofa and i walked over, he would probably let me lie down with him.

20 years together and we still fancy each other

PeterAndreFanCLub Wed 02-May-07 14:54:42

oh perlease

lucykate Wed 02-May-07 14:56:26

just jealous

PeterAndreFanCLub Wed 02-May-07 14:56:52

i odn twant to knwo abotu your sex life!

mankyscotslass Wed 02-May-07 15:32:45

c & b!
Although he would put my legs across his when he had sat down!

scatterbrain Wed 02-May-07 15:36:20

We have separate sofas !!! After this long together not much sofa cuddling action sadly !

As to how he speaks to me - well he speaks in polite words but with a rude tone of voice iyswim !!

IdrisTheDragon Wed 02-May-07 15:39:11

If one of us was lying on the sofa, the other one would sit on the armchair.

snowleopard Wed 02-May-07 15:42:16

He would lie on the sofa and not move, but he would if I asked him. To move me he would say "shift yer bum!" but in a fun friendly way and I say it to him too.

It's not just what they say and do, it's if you feel there's ill-feeling behind it as well...

mumto3girls Wed 02-May-07 15:46:36

a) and b) and probably lift his arm up so I could snuggle up...

Tigana Wed 02-May-07 15:48:44

c - or just sit down
a - being deliberately awkward with a grin on his face

In either scenario the legs would return to more or less original position once other perosn sat down.

Flamesparrow Wed 02-May-07 16:06:08

Both scenarios... sit on the computer chair

americantrish Tue 08-May-07 12:03:13


LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-May-07 12:13:49

he would say 'move your legs please' to me but would 'move straight away' for me.

DrNortherner Tue 08-May-07 12:14:58


LadyOfTheFlowers Tue 08-May-07 12:14:58

i would then put my legs back, over his lap, but wont have his on me as they are too heavy! lol

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