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Issues at work arising in pregnancy

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suziesheepish Tue 23-Jan-18 22:32:13

During pregnancy with DC1, I was bullied and alienated at work. This led to to PND. I had therapy, attended an assertiveness course and returned to work without any problems for almost 5 years.
Now pregnant with DC2 in a different job and I'm now having issues with a male manager to the point it's affecting my enjoyment of home life.
The problem is, during both these instances, I haven't been taken seriously by others in my workplace when I have complained. My sensitivity has been pointed out on both occasions.
I'm confused and concerned: what is causing my problems at work when I am pregnant? Is it my hormones making me overly sensitive to everything or is there a lack of respect/ prejudice/ taking advantage of vulnerability in pregnant women in the workplace? Can anyone else relate?

Cricrichan Tue 23-Jan-18 22:42:15

Can you post an example?

suziesheepish Tue 23-Jan-18 22:45:55

I can't give an example without outing myself.

SandyY2K Tue 23-Jan-18 22:56:41

If everyone was fine with you prior to the pregnancy..... why would they change all of a sudden? Maybe you are being hypersensitive.

Have you got a HR department?

pastabest Tue 23-Jan-18 23:28:28

You can give a general example without outing yourself

For example you could say you were being asked to lift things you felt were too heavy for you to lift whilst pregnant.

Or perhaps you were being asked to deal with potentially volatile members of the public.

Or dangerous chemicals?

What is it about the work that you were being asked to do possibly posed a risk to your pregnancy. Without a general idea people can't really advise if you were being over sensitive or if you have been treated unfairly.

TheClacksAreDown Tue 23-Jan-18 23:34:45

Can’t really say without more info tbh

manicmumday1 Tue 23-Jan-18 23:52:25

If you go on LinkedIn : Instagram : Facebook and search for "pregnant and then screwed" they give free advice.

SpitefulMidLifeAnimal Wed 24-Jan-18 00:16:48

is there a lack of respect/ prejudice/ taking advantage of vulnerability in pregnant women in the workplace?

In the nicest possible way, nobody at work really cares if you're pregnant or not, and nobody is going to give you any special "respect" for it beyond risk assessments and time off for appointments etc.

suziesheepish Wed 24-Jan-18 06:44:10

First experience was alienation due to time off work for SPD, this time, no time off, but been asked to 'prove' that I am doing my job correctly. Another colleague doing the same job as me has not been asked to do the same. I've been asked to show my manager what I intend to do before I do it; a general lack of respect for what I do as If I am suddenly incapable. I did not have to do this before being pregnant and had no issues with the manager beforehand. Could be coincidental, but in both cases, I have been treated with less respect and as if I am incapable of making decisions/ doing my work effectively. The first time due to pregnancy related absence and this time, I don't know why.

SandyY2K Wed 24-Jan-18 18:10:58

Have you questioned or asked why you need to show your manager what you're going to be doing in advance?

Because if a member of staff came to me eith your complaint (I work in HR), that's what I'd say. Or if my manager asked me this... I'd ask if there was any particular reason for it.

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