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My struggle and her battle with depression

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Letdownlover Wed 06-Dec-17 20:08:10

So recently my OH has been diagnosed with depression we have been in a wonderful loving relationship for near on 6 years like any couple we have had our ups and downs nothing major just bumps in the road that we all go throu ... but this depression has crept up on her and i have noticed it more over the last few weeks ... im putting on a brave face and im doing all the things suggested in helping my partner get throu this tough time she needs space and has gone to stay with her nan for the time being ... my heart breaks a little more as each day passes but i no she needs this time and she needs to get her head in the right place ... i have put my feelings , my thorts and worries on hold ... i have let her no that im there if she needs me but now i feel its time to sit on my hands ... only she can get throu this no matter what i do or say it will be down to her ... her nan is a retired councillor and it was partly my idea that she go stay with her ... as i sit here i hope that she can come out the other side from this illness shes the light of my life ... as a couple we are strong and we are eachothers rock ... i was even in the process of planning to take her up to the lake district early next year where i was going to ask her to marry me ... for now its all on hold and it may be on hold forever ... im just here now me on my own full of dread eating ice cream wishing and hoping that she can fight her demons not for me but for her.

user1492970817 Wed 06-Dec-17 20:24:01

You have to give her time,depression is an awful illness and can take months/years to overcome. This isn't about you,this is about your partner.Just keep showing your support and love for her,and give her the time she needs,no matter how long that may be.

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