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Happy families

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southernharp Mon 04-Dec-17 11:50:59

My ex H and I have been apart for almost 18 months after a 25 year relationship. He left because he was ‘unhappy’ but the OW crawled out quite soon after he left. She is an ex friend.

Today after work I went to the beach for a walk. It is his day and so my kids are with him..they are 11 year old twins. When I got there I realised he was there with the kids and his lady friend, playing happy families. As soon as they saw me, he hustled the kids and her into the car (my car, I am still paying for it and driving a clapped out old banger) and drove off at speed. All I could see was her supercilious face looking out of my car window and my kids pale faces watching me standing there. They didn’t even get the chance to say hello to me.

After an hour or so I called the dick and told him he was a rude twat for not even letting the kids come and chat. He claims that ‘all of us are nervous about your behaviour’ and the kids wanted to leave. I plain don’t believe him and have told him that he and his lady friend have reason to be nervous given their treatment of me. He keeps saying that I should ‘ask the kids’ about whether they wanted to talk to me or acknowledge me because they didn’t. This feels to me like putting the kids in a difficult spot, but I do want to know if he is lying about this. Advice?

Babyblues052 Mon 04-Dec-17 12:18:21

He shouldn't be using your kids like that! That's a shocking thing to do. As if they will want to tell you that (that is if they even feel like that) and why the hell are you paying for a car you don't use? He's an arse hole!

I haven't been in a position like this involving children so I don't want to advise something that could be potentially harmful for them but all I can say is you're well rid of that dick. He's playing games and seems to br is if your kids in them

MyKingdomForBrie Mon 04-Dec-17 12:21:54

Stop paying for the car!! He sounds like a horrible person.

springydaffs Mon 04-Dec-17 12:45:04

He claims that ‘all of us are nervous about your behaviour'

Ugh. What a total shit.

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