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advice on child & spousal maintenance

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Rani200 Sun 03-Dec-17 18:47:02

i was married for 17 years. I have two children age 10 & 12. my finances and divorce were finalised in family court in luton in 2015. My ex husband was ordered to pay spousal maintenance and child maintenance first date of every month until the children are 18. I was ordered to remove his name from the mortgage when possible, which i have done from the past two months. I work 25 hours a week and only stander gave the mortgage providing I give them the court order letter which had maintenance clarification. they took the maintenance into account to give me mortgage. My ex stopped paying me maintenance without any warning this month. When i rang him to find out why he said to me that his contract has been terminated since the end of September and won't be able to pay me until he finds a job. However, he bought a new house in Warwick last month and the furniture to go with it. i don;t this this is fair that he could out the roof on his head and can't pay for me and the children. The mortgage money has come out from my account but I can no longer pay the bills and I am worried. Will I be able to reenforce the court order, will the house he just bought taken into consideration?
I need some help with regards to which form do I need to fill and if I can get any help Please

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