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Why do I get shit on from a great height by family and friends?

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Rubyritz Sat 02-Dec-17 20:40:40

I'm feeling really annoyed. I always get shit on by friends and family.

One of my close friends who I've known for 8 years has decided to totally drop me now that she has better things. She has recently split up with her bf, sold her house and is now living the single life.
The past 2 years we've seen each other once a week. It got less and less and the past year dramamtically declined.
Now she is back mates with her old
Friend who she hasn't spoken to for a few years as they fell out and her other mate is back working locally. I haven't seen her in 3 months and text her twice to see when she's free and I've not heard anything sad
I was there when she moved house, I was there when she was being mistreated, I was there for every birthday the past few years and now I'm useless.

Also annoyed my family haven't told me that my Nan is critically ill in hospital. They didnt bother sending me or DS a birthday card, haven't came and visited my new house and don't ever text me or call.

But I haven't done anything to upset them they have always been this way. I have always felt like the black sheep. In 5 years they visited once when DS was born.

I don't get people sad

Movablefeast Sat 02-Dec-17 20:57:09

What other things do you do to go out and have fun?

Rubyritz Sat 02-Dec-17 21:46:06

I have other acquaintances. So go cinema and go out for meals with the schools moms.

But it just annoys me how I'm the back up until something better comes along

Movablefeast Sat 02-Dec-17 22:08:23

Maybe she doesn't see you friendship in the same way. It's best not to rely too heavily on one person but have a few different friends. It's hard for one person to fulfill all our needs.

Movablefeast Sat 02-Dec-17 22:09:27

I also have people who don't follow up, so I make new friends.

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