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Scared to have sex - pain

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TammySwansonTwo Thu 30-Nov-17 22:24:14

Posted last night in a bit of a panic - had sex with DH, not particularly vigorous, no pain during sex but afterwards I was in severe pain. I figured this was either related to having endometriosis or my c section just over a year ago (we've only been back to having sex for the last 3 months or so). Someone commented to say it's a common endo symptom and having looked it up today it seems some people suffer from this after sections too.

The pain was horrendous all night, and has lingered today too. I'm already on the strongest type of painkillers available and that didn't stop it so it was severe. If it had hurt during sex I could have stopped but the fact it didn't kick in until afterwards means I'm now really scared to have sex again and my DH is terrified of hurting me after seeing the state I was in all night.

Is there anyone out there who's been through this? Did anything help? We've just started getting things back on track and I really could have done without this problem!

My endometriosis is described by my gynae as "end stage" - basically it's put up with it or have a hysterectomy, nothing else has worked. I had decided to wait until my boys were older and more mobile but this is another thing to deal with.

Any advice gratefully received!

fantasmasgoria1 Fri 01-Dec-17 07:54:14

Best to go to see the gp. I know I have no advice but I always think it’s better to get these things checked out! Perhaps you need some medication to help this.

TammySwansonTwo Fri 01-Dec-17 08:58:09

Thanks fantasm. Unfortunately I know from past experience they'll shrug at me and say they can't do anything - when you have a diagnosis like this, any issue you're having gets blamed on it without any investigation. And in fairness to them, I've already had every medical treatment and multiple surgeries, plus I'm already on morphine so not much more they can do for pain relief. It's just so bloody depressing. I could ask for a scan in case it's a cyst I suppose, but that's really the only thing they'd be able to see and I suspect it's more likely to be related to scar tissue.

I know it's a really common illness, so if anyone has experienced this and managed to figure out what it was, let me know!

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