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anyone who has been through divorce shed some light on this...

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lizzedays Sun 19-Nov-17 09:58:46

a year into marriage, going to counselling, saying they love someone else who isnt their husband....

why is my friend not leaving her husband? she tells me all the time she loves another man, she has no kids with husband, she is, 75% of the time, away from home and gets back late after work. she isnt happy. apparently wants the other man. would have broken up with husband ages ago if they werent married. etc etc etc.

it is driving me crazy to listen to. why would she behave like this?

AnneBiscuit Sun 19-Nov-17 10:41:53

Some people stay in relationships rather than be on their own. Maybe the man she says she loves doesn't love her, or doesn't want to be with her.

MattBerrysHair Sun 19-Nov-17 16:49:51

Fear of the unknown?

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