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Co-worker crush when in LDR - help me snap out of it?!

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AnnaF55 Mon 13-Nov-17 23:03:54

In the past week I've developed a crush I want to nip in the bud. There is a small team of us at work, this guy included. When we laid eyes on each other for the first time, it was literally a thunderbolt moment, I remember the way he looked at me vividly. As we've
chatted throughout the working day, we've realised we have loads in common, sharing the same favourite books and movies, have followed very similar paths etc. But all this was just friendly until last week.

When we're talking he holds my gaze for a long time and I see him looking at only me even when other co workers are talking. The tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife & I feel like we are constantly trying to keep ourselves under control and not appear like giddy teenagers. He smiled at me today and I felt like I was going to melt! It's ridiculous.

I began an LDR 2 months ago (together 14 months) and I am mad about him. We Skype and keep in touch frequently and visit each other once a month. I love him and miss him. I'll visit him next week, which should help.

Although the co worker hasn't told me this, I heard from someone else that he has a girlfriend that he lives with, so I assume he is feeling similarly to me with the struggle. How can I reframe this in my kind and refocus on my relationship despite being LDR? I am very professional and feel very silly grin

Myheartbelongsto Mon 13-Nov-17 23:26:04

Good god you think he has the same struggle. Best laugh I've had all day.

AnnaF55 Mon 13-Nov-17 23:32:20

Well I'm glad it made you laugh!

Alright maybe not the best choice of words. BUT: this sort of thing hasn't happened to me in a long time, not for years, and I'm pretty good at picking up on a mutual connection. Have you never experienced intense chemistry with someone?

SJM72 Tue 14-Nov-17 22:22:29

I can't help but you do have my sympathies. A crush is a cruel thing, even for blokes.

I've got a full on crush on someone I work with and it's driving me crazy. Thing is she's a total nightmare of a girl, but I can't keep my eyes off her. She's drop dead gorgeous.

There's no feelings, only lust, and I know it'll pass but I wish it would hurry up and go, it's driving me crackers!

Thinkingofausername1 Wed 15-Nov-17 12:22:23

A few months time you’ll think wtf did I see in him grin. blushlol

TheNaze73 Wed 15-Nov-17 12:34:33

From what you posted, he’s not feeling anything other than will she/won’t she?

CosyPinkBlanket Wed 15-Nov-17 20:17:40

I had a massive crush on a colleague despite being happily married and once I'd pictured him on the toilet or with morning breath, the crush soon disappeared!!! grin

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