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Ending a Friendship

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Milkie Sun 12-Nov-17 21:19:14

Can you please share stories of where you have had to actively put an end to a friendship?

Most weaker friendships usually just fizzle out and you move on, without any big drama. But I have a friend I can’t cope with any more. She thinks we are best buds (wish I’d corrected her earlier in the friendship when she made references to us being such good friends), and I can’t keep up the pretense. If she wasn’t so intense, it would be fine, we’d see each other whenever and I wouldn’t be dreading the inevitable “so when are we going to meet up?” question during every interaction.

I’m a wimp, I admit that, but she doesn’t get my hints and I am clearly going to have to be more explicit, but that is bloody hard. I don’t want it to be a big drama, but she is a big drama person and now I can see why.

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