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Finding the strength to leave

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user1466108618 Sat 11-Nov-17 11:58:31

Hi been with my other half 16 years and i now know the relationship is over. We have 4 children and bought a house at the beginning of the year as this was to be our fresh start.

Since we moved in things between us got worse and when he knew i was deadly serious about leaving he changed his tune and has been trying to be nicer but for me its too late.

Sex life is non existant when he comes near me i pull away, my mood has got really low in the past month.

I want out but nowhere to go plus he would make it difficult. I was once a strong person but im now like a scared person and feel unable to set myself free.

Any advice?

Aperolspritzer123 Sat 11-Nov-17 18:56:31

There’s always a way OP. Are you married? Is your name on the deeds/mortgage? Do you work and how old are your dc? Only asking as it’s easier for people to give advice if there is more info.
Do you want to talk about what happened to get you both to this stage?
I am on the other side split up Feb this year,2 kids, never been happier

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