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Nice things to do for our significant other

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DaisyRaine90 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:31:51

Like cooking dinner, buying them the paper or tea bags they like, or giving them a blow-y when it’s not their birthday 😂

What things do you do for your DP/DH/SO

Trying to think of new ideas to show he’s appreciated 😊

cherrycola2004 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:39:40

What? You’re only meant to go a blowy on their Birthday? Damn!

I buy mine random Choc treats some evenings on my way home. At the moment they’re the chocolate snow balls.

MrsBertBibby Tue 07-Nov-17 19:40:22

Iron his shirts. Extra 5 minutes in bed.

DaisyRaine90 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:49:13

Mine gets an extra hour maybe he has it good already?

Might start bringing him a cuppa up

I never iron anything

More random confectionary and newspapers

I bought him a phone and some trainers today
And lunch
But he did just buy us a house 😂

cherrycola2004 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:49:39


DaisyRaine90 Tue 07-Nov-17 19:55:27

His face song is tea and toast

Think he’s dropping some heavy hints
But I’m a celiac and the smell of bread makes me want to heave these days

I also have an irrational fear of crumbs 😂

WalkiesPlease Tue 07-Nov-17 22:01:13

Leave little notes in his work bag/around his house, long-distance ordered him a dominos once for when he got back from work (we live 100 miles apart), buying little treats, mini surprises smile

DaisyRaine90 Wed 08-Nov-17 15:16:19

Nice idea walkies please I might start leaving treats in his pockets too x

DaisyRaine90 Wed 08-Nov-17 18:17:27

I hid some notes around the House today. It made DP really happy and stopped a row so I am going to try more nice things like that.

It doesn’t all have to be financial. I am going to offer to cook the dinner once the kids are down and hopefully we can play some scrabble.

Love trying to make an effort. When he feels appreciated DP always feels happy and responds so much better to things I say etc. But I can be really self absorbed and if not overly focussed on the DCs so I think it’s nice to find little ways to let him know I am thinking of him all the time even when my hands are full with other things


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