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**trigger warning** marital rape

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debbs77 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:46:35

Hi all, posting for advice. Please note this is not me, but I am in the process of supporting a friend.

My friend has confided (in her daughter !!!) that he ex husband used to have sex with her while she was asleep. She would wake up to him doing it to her.

She is coming round tomorrow to offload on to me and have someone to talk to.

I'd like to advise her to report him to the police. But how likely is it that anything would happen? It happened to her over the duration of their marriage.

Ps. She is a very new friend and our daughters are at school together

Pinkpillows Tue 07-Nov-17 18:52:09

Firstly you need to advise her that her school girl daughter shouldn't be listening to this

Secondly she may just want someone to talk too, police I wouldn't mention unless she does just listen and be there for her

debbs77 Tue 07-Nov-17 18:54:02

Awful she has told her daughter isn't it. I will be chatting to her about it.

Okay good idea. I'm more than happy to be a sounding board

userxx Tue 07-Nov-17 19:01:04

Omg, why would she tell her daughter this!! It's clearly rape but telling her daughter is so damaging to her. Don't mention the police until you suss out which way she wants yo go with this.

Ellisandra Tue 07-Nov-17 20:34:47

Bloody hell, I thought you meant adult daughter angry

debbs77 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:10:57

Nope, 13, almost 14.

Pacificly Tue 07-Nov-17 21:29:33

Really inappropriate that she's already unburdened herself to young teen daughter!!
And I speak as someone who experienced this too as a teen of a crying parent describing rape by other parent. It was awful and I was left to deal with that information while parent moved on with 'normality'

debbs77 Tue 07-Nov-17 21:57:46

I'll definitely bring it up with her. Her daughter often comes round here to escape from the stuff going on at home. Only recently met the mum

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