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Ex's manipulation of DC and DD falling for it - could scream!!!

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donners312 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:10:15

Long story short - have posted a million times.

Twat doesn't see the DC because i won't take them 5 hours to see him - he can't come and see them because he works. (I do too and do 100% of the childcare but......)

He paid no maintenance for 2 years and recently started paying half what he was told to by CMS who "will call him" "give him some more time" etc so he is just getting away with it.

Now he wants to take ONE DC on a VERY expensive treat (expecting me to take the DC there at great expense)

I have said no way - and she is playing the tortured teenager I am angry with her too for being manipulated so easily and bought so easily.

I honestly feel like dumping her with him and saying 'good fucking luck - to both of you"

Just need to rant! and feel drained exhausted and upset!

Ilovetolurk Mon 06-Nov-17 19:18:28

If she is a teenager she is old enough how shit he is about money. Have you told her

Tbf I would expect a teen to be swayed by this type of thing - instant gratification for the developing teenage brain- don't be too hard on her

donners312 Mon 06-Nov-17 19:26:18

yeah i know you are right - he actually even owes her hundreds.

I didn't tell her what he has started to pay - he did. To which she replied seriously I spend more in starbucks. He replied 'why is mum drawing you into the money" and she said mm didn't you did? just drives me mad.

She said she hates me shouting at her for tidying her room - which i don't. It reminds me off her Dad who makes things up for his own agenda and her victim playing is really annoying me as she is actually very lucky. I know I am being unreasonable. Just really fed up.

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