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Too soon for love?

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thebestnamesweretaken Sat 04-Nov-17 11:39:49

Earlier this year I came out of an emotionally abusive relationship that was like being on a toxic carousel.

I had a mental breakdown, packed my bag and fled to France for a weeks solitude.

My friend put me up in their flat in the country and had to work 10hours a day. In which time I walked their dog and read.

3 days in, my friend sat close to me and looked at me in a certain way that I had never seen/sensed before and I longed to kiss him.
(I am 33yo female, he's 43)
We have known each other 12 years and never more than platonic friends.

We shared wine and fluent conversations and for the first time in a long time I laughed.

I'm home now for 2days and he hasn't left my thoughts!

I suppose I'm asking can this be the early trappings of love or just a right place right time thing?

He says he's missing me terribly and the place seems empty, I believe him, we really connected and since I've known 12 years it's not just a hol romance.

Have I taken leave of my senses!
Should I leave my fling in France, in France!

It was such a lovely little whirlwind, a welcome break from reality. winegin

highinthesky Sat 04-Nov-17 11:44:43

Savour it as a fantasy and leave it at that. Preserve it as your very own Mills & Boon memoir!

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