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Starting to flirt again but being emotionally unavailable

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BulletFox Fri 03-Nov-17 19:42:29

I split up with ex H years ago. Since then I've fallen in love in a platonic way which was actually quite angst ridden (he got forced to retire, I was heart broken), since then had 2 sexual relationships where I wasn't in love and always made it clear I wasn't 'on' as such. I just came to my senses and left when I realised they didn't 'get' when I said I was emotionally dead I really meant it. I can interact in other ways.

I've met someone really nice but I think he is a little fragile since his divorce (don't know why they got divorced, haven't asked yet), and oddly enough he's known me before I got attacked a few years ago. I'm very much before and after attack as a person. He said he had always wondered where I went.

I was lost for words last night when he said how long he'd observed me

I don't want to fall into the repeat mistake of telling someone I'm not emotionally available (I absolutely mean this) and them not understanding I mean what I say. I do mean it, I'm not about to fall in love

Completely want sex and company

I have the impression with this bloke that he was heartbroken by losing his ex. All I want is sex and company in a monoganous way.

Best to stay clear of him I guess? I want some interaction but don't want yet another bloke misinterpreting me! What I'd like is quite clear, but if he's still feeling wounded over his wife I don't want to emotionally hurt him by embarking on something which he might misinterpret as being a commitment but actually isn't.

Does this make sense? I would love to fall in love again in the future. I'm not about to right now but miss sex and company and don't want to mislead anyone who has other commitments in mind such as love and commitment, especially someone who is hurt by a divorce

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