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Leaving my husband

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kaseyk Fri 03-Nov-17 12:08:11

Hand hold please sad

This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
Only married two years.
He is wonderful, but we simply do not fit together.

MissConductUS Fri 03-Nov-17 12:16:09

Any kids? No chance to make it work?

Good luck.

RiseToday Fri 03-Nov-17 12:26:20

You're very brave. If it's not right (for whatever reason) then it's not right.

Better to call it a day than struggle on and live in misery.

PotteringAlong Fri 03-Nov-17 12:27:43

What's changed? I assume you fitted together 2 years ago so what's happened since?

kaseyk Fri 03-Nov-17 12:36:13

Actually we haven't fitted. Been trying to make it work most of this time. Just exhausted now.

BackInTheRoom Fri 03-Nov-17 12:53:14

OP so there isn't anyone else?

SandyY2K Fri 03-Nov-17 19:43:33

How did you hey to the point of marriage if you weren't a fit though?

How long did you date before marriage?

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