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First relationship after split

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Tookawrongturnsomewhere Fri 03-Nov-17 04:34:54

.. New guy after split from negative relationship.. It started off really well.. But now I'm just not sure any more.. I'm exhausted most of time from work and looking after my two boys. Plus we went away in summer with his son and my two and it was really bad.. He has apologized and says I shouldn't judge him on those two weeks... But I just haven't got the headspace any more. Writing this it seems obvious but maybe I'm not as sorted as I thought I was after break down of my relationship with ex. I've tried to step back from new guy but it just makes him more insistent. He says we should spend weekend together and talk things through. Part of me is like yes I feel good with him but other is like it will never work and too complicated with kids involved especially based on crap holiday. I'm thinking to just break it off today before the weekend rather than even going there again.

siillygoose Fri 03-Nov-17 05:09:41

I went on my first date two years after split. I thought I was ready and missing it but... got so overwhelmed when the man tried to meet every couple of days that I run away. I can t be bothered. I am too busy, I also have two little DC and a full time job. Sofa and netflix is all I want after a long day.

AtSea1979 Fri 03-Nov-17 05:14:31

A two week holiday is pretty intense. Had you not been away before on a short break? If life is good without him then you know what you need to do. I've been single for years now, I like having space to relax, dating takes up too much head space that I need for my DC.

Cupoteap Fri 03-Nov-17 05:56:45

What is he saying not to judge him on?

You don’t need any reason to finish it, if your not ready or not feeling it then do it.

helpmeseethefunnysideplease Fri 03-Nov-17 06:11:34

Yes - what happened during the holiday?

Tookawrongturnsomewhere Fri 03-Nov-17 07:54:57

thanks for your comments everyone that helps a lot. The two week thing wasn't the first.. We had been on a few breaks before but maybe there were more diversions.. Not so dependent on him.. He was really moody and I couldn't talk with him to calm him down..intense it was.. I just tried to stay calm as possible for kids sake.. I guess it was a turning point for me. We do fit in lots of ways but I can't handle all the expectations . Since holiday in July I have just met him without kids.. But where's the future in that. I've knocked it on head now, I told him this morning. Just got to get through day at work and try to focus . DCs are at their dads this weekend so I can wallow if I feel like it.

Myheartbelongsto Fri 03-Nov-17 10:39:38

Moody? Nah fuck that op.

Cupoteap Fri 03-Nov-17 19:02:40

Good for you

angelawilliams Fri 03-Nov-17 19:14:04

I was just about to reply to this thread saying drop him but I've also just read and seen you have. I hope you're ok and don't worry about him or the kids they'll all be fine. Take some time for yourself this weekend x

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