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Ds, weed EA X and another stick to beat me with

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greenberet Wed 01-Nov-17 21:56:30

So from my own thread and finding Ds with weed at weekend - this now feels like it is escalating out of control and turning into another opportunity to undermine me.

I get the seriousness of drugs, I get the dangers involved but I also understand that my Ds is very very unhappy. Right now he is saying he will kill himself again.

Ds told me X took him to gp today to talk about drugs - x has sent me a long email about his discussion with Ds last night and what he is doing - he has spoken to some drug intervention support who suggested gp and school.

X told me he is seeing head next week. Ds is distraught about this - the x has involved the school before in his personal battle against me with the school fees. I also paid for Ds to remain as x claims he could no longer afford ( bullshit) them. This was a last minute decision and has eaten into my housing money.

X is saying it is Ds school friends - he has a good set of friends he is well liked - he is not a bad boy- this is the fallout from acrimonious parents. I have been told to speak to WA - I will be doing this tomorrow.

X is now restricting Ds access to money - he is refusing he attend any more festivals until he is 18 another 18 months. X has form for being over heavy handed he sent solicitors a 26 point checklist about house security when I first left kids alone at 15

This is another attempt to put me as a bad parent - no doubt using my MH in some form - which ironically was minimised when it came to whether I could return to work

I dont know how to deal with this - I was just thinking today I need to let all my anger go and move on with the kids and then this happens. I've just spoken to Dd - she thinks if the school react badly to this Ds could get expelled - that will Finnish him off

greenberet Mon 06-Nov-17 12:59:38

I have tried to get the X to see that speaking to the school may not be in Ds best interest he is refusing saying that he is speaking to the school to get their help. That it is their responsibility all Ds friends are from school and they are at the centre of this they had an issue last year apparently ( first I know about it).

As we do not agree he is going on his own but will let me know.

I'm panicking - Again - fucking here we go again _ why can he not see that this is not the schools issue _ drugs were not taken at school or during school it was half term - this is a society issue and if anything a parent issue but it is just another way for him to assert himself over me.

I don't know if I have any grounds that I am the one paying the school fees and I am the main carer - this is just one fucking thing after another - I need some stability the kids need some stability not this continuing fucking game of control and his continual need to be in power

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