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Not quite sure why ;(

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Fairydust7715 Tue 31-Oct-17 23:39:55

So about 7yrs ago I met a guy who like me wanted nothing other than a good time, it wasn't anything dirty or wrong we just both I guess wanted the relationship without any commitment
He was in the forces so was moved around a lot also he got into a relationship and had a daughter and during those times we had no contact as I don't mess with guys that aren't single
New year 2017 both single yet due to work and kids both sides it's hard to meet up. Few months go by no contact and come to October i think of him again, I search and find out that he was killed in a rta in July!!!
I hate now that I didn't know I hate that we had the most amazing connection but we both knew we were just never meant to be

whyioughtta Tue 31-Oct-17 23:48:05

That's really sad. Sorry for you OP, can imagine how upsetting & strange that must feel. Hope you're ok 💐

EllenRipley Tue 31-Oct-17 23:54:40

That’s really sad, I think it’s totally normal to feel this way and it’s grief; someone you know and were close to has died. I’m sure he has a lot of people grieving for him, including his child. But there was no way you could have known or expected such a random ‘twist of fate’. Maybe try be philosophical about it, in that if you had been more regularly involved or had a more committed relationship, your situation would be a lot more devastating. So it’s a good thing that it wasn’t meant to be.

Oxcheeks Wed 01-Nov-17 00:08:55

It's devastating when someone you feel close to (or should /could )have been closer dies. This happened to me about 20 years ago, a very good friend moved away from our girlie friends group because she made other friends, a year or so later she was killed in a car crash, fortunately before that we'd spoken (although never regained the same friendship) I often think about her and wish she was here, she was such a fun loving person. I know it's different to you OP but the shock death of someone your own age is difficult

Fairydust7715 Wed 01-Nov-17 00:18:39

I do know he had an amazing family , brothers and sisters that loved him but I guess we were just so unconventional I guess:*
It feels weird that he's just not there any more, we would never have been together due to age difference and kid wise but we just seem to fit together so well

Fairydust7715 Wed 01-Nov-17 00:20:44

I do know that it's just a twist of fate but god it feels like truely decent guys are taken too soon

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