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I struggle to show vulnerability/show my emotions - what can I do?

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Enigmatique Mon 30-Oct-17 20:43:49

Namechanged. I hate crying in front of people, always have. Sometimes it affects other people. Recently a friend told me about our mutual friend passing away. She was crying so I hugged her, I started crying but stopped. I think she almost felt like she had to stop too as I wasn't. Feel like I was stopping her grieving which is really shit.

Have never told anyone about my depression. It took me years to go to the GP about it.

Is this the kind of thing I can talk to a therapist/counsellor about? I hate opening up but I think I maybe need to. Any advice welcome.

LoveforPGTipsMonkey Mon 30-Oct-17 23:55:04

I'm similar, OP though I find with getting older I'm more open. I can cry but I never like when it happens as I feel guilty burdening someone with it. It's not wrong really imo to be reserved as far as you can show you care in your own way. Not everyone is an extravert but if you do things for friends rater than show a lot of emotion, that would still be appreciated. In fact if the friend came to you crying, it means they see you that you care/have a good heart.
But yes, if you want to change it, of course you can raise this with a therapist.

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